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Italian Necklaces


The first known necklaces were made of natural shells or stones. By the middle of the 18th century, these were replaced by fashioned beads and were matched with a complete set of jewelry. Today, necklaces can be found in many different shapes and styles. They can be long or short or even close to the neck adorned with precious stones, beads, or pendants. You may choose a necklace to decorate your favorite outfit, or it may be an important heirloom or meaningful gift. A necklace is to be worn close to the heart.


18k Gold & .925 Silver Italian Necklaces


What makes Italian necklaces so sought after?

Italian necklaces are a symbol of high quality and elegance. Worn for that touch of sophistication or to create a romantic look, they carry enough magic to transform a simple outfit into an instant style icon. Not only are they of exceptional quality and designed in some of the best gold and sterling silver in the world, but the techniques Italian jewelershave refined over hundreds of years make their necklaces shine.


What are the different types of Italian necklaces?

Italeau’s necklace collection is inspired by some of the most iconic Italian designs, first seen in the northern province of Vicenza many centuries ago. Italeau’s chain link necklace, for example, bears a resemblance to the city’s chains made of hollow gold, and its ultra-feminine smaller-linked chains with their charms and crystal-embedded pendants, emulate the traditional ‘Figaro-Nonna’ necklace style. Available in 18k Italian goldor .925 Italian silverand adjustable lengths, ready to make every occasion a special one.

Many scholars believe that handmade necklaces were the first adornment worn by our ancient predecessors. Originally designed using bones, shells, or other materials, these symbolic pieces were eventually created with semi-precious or precious metals, and later, various gemstones.  Whether they reflected wealth, prominence, or religious beliefs, these neckline embellishments have stood the test of time and continue to be a go-to fashion staple in the modern era. 

Necklaces are loved because, more than any other piece of jewelry, they tend to heighten the overall look of an outfit, and add a sense of color, grace, and flair.  If you are searching for ultra-feminine luxury, nothing can compare to the superior quality of Italeau’s master artisans. Utilizing only the finest Italian gold and silver, we specialize in creating the most breathtaking Italian gold jewelry, Italian silver jewelry, Italian crystal necklaces, Italian earrings, Italian rings, and Italian bracelets. Italeau jewelry ships from the U.S. but is handcrafted in Italy. Our goal is to enhance the elegance of your jewelry collection while delivering lasting beauty to the lives of you and your loved ones.   


Why choose Italeau for Italian necklaces?

Italeau is located in Vicenza, Italy (the “city of gold”), where experts have been designing jewelry since the 14th century.  All of Italeau’s necklaces are hand-crafted and the company prides itself on using premium 18k gold, and .925 pure sterling silver.  Each necklace is special, with its own personality and uniqueness.  

Take for example the Matchstick Crystal Necklace.  Featuring a genuine Swarovski crystal, its magnificence lies in its delicacy and simple charm, making it an go-to option for casual or dressy outings. 

At this time, Italeau offers a collection of handcrafted Italian necklaces showcasing designs such as full and half circles, charms, ovals, and traditional links (Figaro-Nonna style). Our handmade collection will leave you ordering for yourself - but don’t forget it makes a great gift too. As per Italeaus belief, “a necklace is to be worn close to the heart.”  On the topic of heart, Italeau exercises only the best of business practices, plus we are active in community efforts.  Part of our company name is French for water, a charitable service we provide to those most in need. 


What are the benefits of Italian necklaces?

Although there are many to choose from, one word sums it up nicely: perfection. Considering that Italians have produced some of the world's most sought after jewelry for centuries, their workmanship is fine tuned, detailed, and quality-crafted.  Even today, the Cornicello (or Corno), an Italian good luck charm which dates back to the Roman era, is still relevant in Italian society. Some of the finest fashion houses are headquartered in Italy, and of course, these exquisite garments are typically adorned with only the best Italian jewelry so that their true glamor can be realized.  

The fortune of adding an Italian necklace to your own collection is they are expertly made and meant to be everlasting.  Eternal.  Durable.  Worth the investment. These are the prized keepsakes that remain in a family for generations.  Whether wearing a single chain or assuming a layered look, Italian necklaces will always be an eye-catching conversation piece that you can depend on for life. To coin a phrase, it’s all about La Bella Figura, or putting your most beautiful self out there.  

Pros & Cons of Italian necklaces:

Italian gold or silver necklaces are said to be the finest in the world.  A true aficionado would be hard pressed to find another piece that could compete with their quality and beauty.  Why?  It was multiple centuries ago when Italian jewelry crafters began presenting their dazzling works of art to the public.  As the years passed, they continued to master their skills, and pass on their knowledge to those who wished to carry forth their legacy of excellence.  Today, approximately 800 jewelry shops are in Vicenza, where Italeau is based. Coming full circle, 150 of those can trace the start of their businesses back to the Middle Ages. Vicenza is also on the leading edge of what’s new in fashion, and isn’t afraid to modify for the sake of staying trendy.  People rely on the outstanding caliber of jewelry made in this region.  Because of their inherent value, these specially crafted pieces are commonly enjoyed and cherished by future generations to come.

Italy is charged high importation fees for the gold shipped into their county; their chief supplier the United States. At this time, Italian jewelers receive half of said imported gold. Once those costs have been passed down to the consumer, the prospect of purchasing an Italian necklace may not be appealing if one is counting pennies.  Another issue is the question of authenticity, a scourge in the jewelry business overall.  A simple “18k” or “Made In Italy’ stamp does not ensure a genuine item.  In fact, the piece may end up being a fraud or knock-off.  Most reputable establishments will offer a Certificate of Authenticity, or one can be requested.  Otherwise, a certified jeweler can validate its true worth.  Lastly, don’t be surprised when you observe a few dings, scratches, or other vulnerabilities known to beset gold or silver necklaces.  Keep in mind that these are softer metals, and can be prone to damage if the wearer is not careful.  

Italeau prides itself in delivering handcrafted necklaces made in Italy at affordable prices. Consumers can eliminate the potential downsides of Italian necklaces by shopping Italeau.


How to care for gold and silver necklaces?

Care instructions for gold necklaces:

As mentioned, gold is considered a soft metal.  Because of that, necklaces made of this composition can be easily dinged, bent, or marred in some way. Therefore, protecting your valuable jewelry during high-contact sports and the like is highly advised.  

Many cleaning products can be an enemy to gold’s trademark sheen.  For example, chlorine bleach and other household products with abrasive or acidic ingredients can dull the finish, and are best kept away from jewelry.  A professional cleaning is recommended every 6 months.

At home, clean your necklace regularly with 10 parts (tablespoons) water, and 2 parts (tablespoons) dish soap.  A jewelry polishing cloth is more advantageous than paper towels or napkins to wipe, as the latter items can scratch the necklace.  When ready to store, place your necklace in a pouch or ziplock bag so that it doesn’t get entangled or scratched.   

Keep in mind that pure gold is the most prone to scratching. For individuals that live an active lifestyle, consider wearing 18k gold plated jewelry. 

Care instructions for silver necklaces:

Like gold, it’s best to remove silver necklaces when bathing, showering, swimming, or relaxing in the hot tub. Otherwise, there is a risk of tarnishing the necklace, resulting in a darkened or dirty appearance.  

As with all jewelry, it’s best to put it on after the finishing touches of make-up, perfume, or hairspray have been completed. This can protect the luster of your silver. The same cleaning process advised for gold can be utilized. 

Other methods are silver polish (with polishing cloth), or ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking powder for 2-3 hours. Rinse before patting dry with a microfiber cloth. Store silver necklaces individually in a cool, dark place. 


What can you wear with gold and silver necklaces?

Essentially, gold and silver necklaces can be worn with most anything, and they will even look glamorous together when combined in layers. The great thing about Italian Gold Jewelry is that it seems ever timeless and always in style.  There’s nothing wrong with letting that beautiful gold necklace shine on its own, or be accompanied by other pieces and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good old fashioned experimentation to discover what suits you best. As to what gold looks stunning with, try black, emerald green, purple, red, white, or silver. Gold is recommended to pop the most on warm skin tones - but if you like the way it looks, rock it. 

Who doesn’t love a beautiful silver necklace?  Even though it compliments cooler skin tones best, some overwhelmingly prefer it, and feel that it fares well with virtually all styles and occasions. Plus, it's lightweight and durable. Compared to gold, silver can be more reasonably priced since it’s more plentiful.  Whether a fan or a first time buyer, there are many gorgeous pieces on the market to compliment your sense of style. Consider a turtleneck when wearing a silver chain necklace, but make sure that it’s several inches away from the collar. Colors that add an extra pop to silver are blue, green, black and white ensemble, burgundy, and gray.


Can you wear gold necklaces any season?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Due to their ageless qualities, gold necklaces will always stay relevant in contemporary fashion. They are sleek, radiant, stylish, and sexy and they look great no matter what a person is wearing. That aside, it’s important to keep an eye on current trends and what seems to be in/out this season and as usual, be sure to evaluate your outfit to decide whether gold or silver would be classier.


Why do women love necklaces made in Italy?

When it comes to Italian-made necklaces, it comes down to 3 factors: color, purity, and the Italian jewelry crafters themselves. Plus, there’s just an extra layer of sophistication knowing that a necklace was made in Italy. When looking to add a piece to your collection, you can be assured that dollar for dollar, you are getting the best money can buy.  For instance, genuine 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy. Compared to 14k, which only contains 58% gold, this increases the value of the necklace. Interestingly, if you are allergic to alloys, 18k jewelry could provide a terrific hypoallergenic option.  As to the artisans, strict guidelines are enforced on their craft by the Italian government, and thus, the quality of the necklaces is known to outshine virtually every country in the world. Italeau necklaces are made with premium materials with durability and sophistication top of mind. 


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How do you style crystal necklaces?

While crystal necklaces have seen a growth in popularity in the last few decades, they are much more favored now. Swarovski crystals, featured by Italeau, are man-made in Austria. Swarovski first started manufacturing gemstones in 1892, and have since been sought after due to the high refraction rate of their crystals.  Because of their eye-catching effect and overall value, they are a true asset to any jewelry collector. While a delicate crystal necklace looks fabulous on its own, try a double or triple layered look using different lengths for a more chic and stunning presentation. Crystal necklaces can be styled with casual athleisure outfits to give them a pop of chic or worn with fancy night-out attire. Their versatility and innocent beauty is part of what makes them such a popular necklace. 


What are the benefits of handmade silver & gold necklaces?

In the long run, handmade necklaces may end up being the smarter investment.  Simply put, the end product will be of higher quality materials when made by an artisan. Sure, it’s easy to walk into a shopping mall and pick out some kind of cookie-cutter necklace and be done with it.  But with a handmade piece, you receive such care and masterful precision.  In your selection process, the experience becomes more personal, exclusive, and meaningful. Many hours of painstaking work goes into your unique creation, and the crafter has a vested interest in your delight with the finished product. After all, this wearable art was made just for you. What a great and memorable story to tell.  


When is the best time to wear gold necklaces vs. silver necklaces?

The straight answer for this is anytime.  Let’s face it, this tradition has carried on for centuries and has not lost its relevance.  Why?  Artistic expression. Self expression.  We all love adornments of some nature.  We love anything that makes us feel uniquely beautiful and we love wearing that special gold or silver necklace that has such sentimental value.  It gives us strength, self-assuredness, and confidence.  Happiness.  Each piece has a special memory attached to it.  In essence, it’s more than just a physical object that makes the day a little bit brighter.  


Are handmade necklaces trendy right now?

Yes - and positively so. The difference between mass-produced necklaces and those made by a master jeweler are substantial. One of the biggest issues with produced items is, well, you get what you pay for. Sure, it may look pretty on the rack, but then it falls apart in a short amount of time.  All in all, zero quality - and a waste of money, right?  This appears to be the chief reason why consumers are realizing the benefits of investing in handmade jewelry.  That, and most pieces are surprisingly affordable. When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation. Not only do you benefit from a more durable, superlative design, you also get precisely what you paid for.  Further, the artist's name and reputation are hinging on your ultimate satisfaction, and they strive to retain your patronage. The best part about choosing handmade jewelry is the comfort in knowing that it will stand the test of time.  


How to use crystal necklaces to dress up or dress down an outfit?

What’s the first thing you think of when you see crystals? Beauty? Sparkle? Most likely, that’s what everyone else will see, as well. They are simply magical, and add a special kind of pizzazz to any collection. Italeau showcases a selection of handmade necklaces which are inset with Swarovski crystals. Ever glistening, these gems are meant to attract the eye, and accentuate the piece.  Multi-faceted as crystals are, they will serve as a shimmering highlight to your blouse or dress, and are versatile enough to be worn for any occasion. For casual wear, a layered look is always popular, especially with a solid color. If you’re having a more formal event, a singular crystal necklace lying closer to the neckline is advised.  


Are gold necklaces or silver necklaces better for me? 

It’s a given that each of us has a particular hair color and skin tone. But some of you may be surprised to learn that there are specific fashion guidelines which address what our attributes are better suited for. Interestingly, these include whether or not we should be wearing gold or silver necklaces and jewelry. The following is a basic guideline to this strategy.

Gold compliments warm toned individuals, who have yellow or golden-apricot undertones on their neck or the inside or their arm. Chances are, they have brown, green, or hazel eyes, and red, brown or black hair. Another factor to look for is whether the veins in the wrist are tinged green. Gold necklaces can simply bring a warm skin tone to life, wherein silver can appear to be pale against your skin.    

Silver favors those with a cooler skin tone, or a rosy-pink color. Folks in this category most likely have green or blue eyes, and blond, brown, or black hair. Also, cool undertones can be associated with blue, red, or purple hues in the skin. People on the cool side of the spectrum often have less pigmentation than warm or other tones. Therefore, gold jewelry can make them look a bit washed out. The beauty in Italian Silver Jewelry for this type of person is that it can tone down or distract from any redness that may be present.

Having a neutral or olive skin tone is also possible, and a person can be a combination of two or more of any type. Additionally, it’s important to point out that skin tone and skin color are completely different entities. For technical wisdom on fashion as a whole, there are Beauty Consultants, books, or tutorials that can aid with the specifics of hues, tones, and color palettes best suited to your features. 


What are the other kinds of handmade Italian Jewelry from Italeau?

Along with their top-quality necklace selection, Italeau also offers the following handmade Italian jewelry. Here’s the insider scoop.

Italian Earrings:

These extraordinarily beautiful pieces are truly a must-have, and we hope you don’t miss out on seeing them for yourself. So fashionable, chic, and refined.  Most feature an inset of one or more Swarovski crystals in lovely shades of blue, pink, purple, red, and green.  Each comes with a butterfly backing. For casual wear, consider our Hammered Hoop Earrings. And for formal or dressy occasions, such as a friend’s springtime wedding, elevate your elegance with the Bloom Drop Crystal Earrings.  

Italian Bracelets:

Whether shopping at the mall on a Sunday, or enjoying a Friday night on the town, you’re sure to be a hit wearing one or more of these enchanting pieces. Like the earring sets showcased by Italeau, most of their bracelet collection is embellished with Swarovski crystals (some include multiple colors and are adjustable).  Each features a lobster clasp. Try layering these with a few other dainty bracelets to create a stylish look. 

Italian Rings:

Although there are but a few selections in this category, Italeau has made certain they are a mixture of memorable, delicate, and sophisticated. While the Spiral Ring (with insets of Swarovski crystals) shines with simple allure, the captivating Thin Hammered Ring will surely prove to be a conversation piece during Girl’s Night Out. After purchasing one or more for yourself, don’t forget to consider how sweet it would be to get one as a gift for your friends or loved ones. Simple is often best with rings - aside from wedding or promise rings. Our handcrafted rings resemble simplicity with an elevated level of sophistication, thus making them a quiet statement piece. 



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Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


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We pair luxury materials with cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.