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I absolutely love my new shoes! They’re beautifully made, the colors are vibrant and they fit like a glove. I have wanted these shoes for several years and now that I have them, I wonder what took me so long. The investment is well worth it. - Fay D.

I love these shoes more than I imagined. The design is beautiful and they look great with almost any outfit. The soles are lightweight, but the tread is really durable. I purchased them just before a 2 week trip to Italy and I wore them everywhere. They were fantastic for long days of walking and sightseeing. I noticed they fit snuggly at first,Read more about review stating Perfect versatile booties! but the leather softened with just a few wears and they fit perfectly now. I will definitely be purchasing more shoes from Italeau. - Katie L.

Beautiful comfortable shoes that I can wear with almost anything. Well made, soft leather, classic style and design. Wearable ten months out of the year! - Rhonda L.

A perfect pair! These shoes are attractive, versatile, well made, and fits every fashion style. Well made and indestructible even in bad weather. All this and comfortable too. - Charles J.

Best Italian Shoes for Women


If a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, her shoes are her hallmark. Whether it’s a pair of elegant mules for a special occasion, comfortable, colorful flats for all seasons in luxurious leather or suede slip-ons for the Summer and waterproof booties for the Winter – ladies' shoes are essential accessories for a stylish, but functional wardrobe.

Women's Shoes Made in Italy - Leather & Suede

What is so special about Italian shoes?

With a reputation for excellence, Italian shoes are renowned for being the best shoes in the world. From Italy's historic traditions of leather tanning and its expertise in shoe craftsmanship, Italian-made shoes are famous for their elegant quality, handcrafted durability, and handstitched leather.


What does it mean to have handmade shoes?

‘Handmade’ is synonymous with handcrafted. A shoe made to measure, created for your comfort, by the skillful hands of expert artisans with heightened attention to detail has so much value. Handmade shoes are unique, long-lasting, and built to endure every step, making them worth the investment.


Why are quality shoes made in Italy?

The Bel Paese, or ‘beautiful country’, is famous for its leather tanning with a long tradition of luxurious, quality shoemaking. In fact, there are entire regions dedicated to it. Italian leather is processed in such a way that it produces a softer, more supple leather for shoes. Italy’s leather is also the most resilient leather in the world, making for beautiful shoes that will last a lifetime.


What types of shoes do Italian women prefer?

Italian women love classic, high-quality, tailor-made shoes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be seen. So in the Summer, a flash of color is key, especially when it comes to flats or leather sandals. In the Winter, ankle booties and tall leather boots are seasonal staples that are able to handle the wet weather while looking effortlessly sophisticated. For Italian women, shoes are meant to be elegant, and feminine, with a touch of class.

Italian leather shoes have stood the test of time, providing a timeless and classy style for women across generations. With multiple styles and sizes, our Italian leather shoes for women are handcrafted to elevate your everyday style and fit every woman. 

While our shoes protect your feet, they also take you places and serve as the foundation for you to explore the world. That’s why we take great pride in our product, honing in on the authentic craft of shoemaking that’s been passed down through generations of Italian artisans.

If you’re curious about Italian leather shoes, read on to learn more about why they're a wardrobe staple.


What’s special about Italian shoes?

While Italian shoes are synonymous with luxury, few shoppers fully understand the in-depth history that this nation has had of developing high-quality footwear. From their materials to craftsmanship, Italian leather shoes are often regarded as some of the best in the world. 

It started centuries ago in Roman times when cobblers would take animal hide to make early footwear. From there, Italy’s leather making continued to become more advanced and intricate. While each shoe style has waxed and waned in popularity, they take great pride in their shoe-making practices. 

For example, the loafer was brought to international popularity thanks to the Italians, who took the English style and elevated it to the forefront of fashion. These soft Italian leather shoes still remain a wardrobe staple, thanks to the craftsmanship and materials of Italy. 

While styles have been emulated, the Italian leather used to make these shoes is truly what makes Italian shoes one of a kind. While other countries utilize factories and mass-production facilities, Italy has remained dedicated to creating bespoke luxury Italian leather shoes by hand. 


What does it mean to have handmade shoes?

To truly appreciate something like Italian shoes for women, it’s important to understand the effort and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of shoes. Handmade shoes mean that a skilled worker had a hand in creating and assembling the shoe, utilizing techniques that a machine could not accomplish. While handmade shoes might have machinery involved in their creation, they ultimately have a human element to them that makes them unique and custom to that particular shoe. 


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Why are Italian leather shoes worth the investment?

From high-quality materials to handmade craftsmanship, there are several reasons why Italian leather shoes are a wardrobe investment that everyone should own. If you’re considering buying a pair of women’s leather shoes, consider these reasons: 

Fashionable - Italian leather shoes have been around for centuries and are not going out of style anytime soon. Their timelessness and durability offer a sleek and elevated look to any outfit. 

Comfortable - Since Italian leather will adjust and form to the wearer's feet, you’re guaranteed to get a comfortable shoe that fits like a glove.  

Unparalleled craftsmanship - Crafted in the hills of Italy, Italeau shoes are authentically made in Italy, providing quality craftsmanship that can only be achieved by hand. 

Superior materials - Italian leather is a mark of luxury in the fashion industry. With its soft and flexible qualities, it offers durability and protection to last for decades. 

While Italian shoes for women can be more expensive than traditional factory-made shoes, they are a worthwhile investment for any woman looking to elevate her style. 


What size of Italian leather shoes are right for me?

At Italeau, we offer several different types of Italian leather shoes for women to fit any style or size. Our sizes are based on a medium-width foot and insole, so ensure you’re checking our sizing chart to find the perfect fit for your foot. We suggest sizing up if you have a wide foot or a high instep or if you prefer to wear thicker socks or tights with your shoes. 


What types of shoes do Italian women prefer?

While each woman will have a different style, there are some shoe styles that the women of Italy have popularized. These include: 

Loafers- These slip-on shoes were made famous thanks to Italian artisans who perfected the original English design of the still-popular shoe. 

Stilettos- The word stiletto originated from the Latin word for a dagger, paying homage to the sharp, thin heel of the glamorous stiletto shoe. This shoe originated in Italy in the 1930s and has remained a hallmark of Italian fashion that has been adopted around the world. 

Boots- While boots have been used in work settings for decades, it wasn’t until the iconic fashion designer Franco Moschino had a new spin on the shoe. In the 1970s, he added embellishments and a tassel, making the style fashionable for women in Italy. 

Sneakers- Thanks to the durability of Italian leather, sneakers made with this material are well-liked among Italian women looking for a classic yet comfortable look. 

As styles change and shift, Italian shoes have remained at the forefront of style and design. 


Do Italian leather shoes stretch out as they break in?

Yes! Italian leather shoes might appear stiff at first, but after gradual wearing, they will soften and become comfortably snug on your foot. 


How long does it take to break in shoes from Italeau?

One of the big benefits of Italian leather shoes from Italeau is that thanks to the Italian leather, they will shift and adapt to the wearer's foot, offering a custom fit for each pair. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to fully break in, depending on a few things like the style of the shoe and how frequently they’re worn. 

Here are some tips and tricks we suggest as you begin breaking in your Italian leather shoes: 

Start slowly - To avoid blisters or sores, start wearing your new shoes only a few hours each day. You can wear them with socks or just walk around the house in them, giving them a chance to start loosening up and breaking in. 

Use some warmth - Leather begins to adapt and mold to your foot quicker when it’s warmed up, so avoid keeping your Italian leather shoes in a cold room. Instead, you can gently use a hair dryer to warm up the leather before putting them on. This can help speed up the process. 

Shoe leather can speed up the process - Keeping your shoes leathered and then inserting a shoe tree can help your shoe maintain the shape and stretch out when they're not being worn. 

Wear more than one pair of socks - Doubling up on the number of socks you wear can help add some extra cushioning and speed up the process of breaking them in. 

While it can feel frustrating to wait for your shoes to break in, with a bit of patience and care, you’ll have a comfortable shoe that’s made for your foot. 


How to care for & clean your leather or suede shoes:

Italian leather shoes require a unique set of care and cleaning guidelines to ensure you’re able to enjoy them for years to come. But cleaning your new trendy shoes for women doesn’t need to be daunting! We suggest taking the following steps to clean your shoes: 

Remove any loose dirt - To start, clean off any noticeable dirt or debris on the shoe. You want to have your shoe free of any caked-on materials before you start cleaning it more in-depth. Take a soft rag or brush and wipe away anything on the exterior of the shoe.  

Gently apply soap- We suggest mixing warm (not hot) water and a small teaspoon of dish soap in a bowl, allowing the soap to lather and combine fully.  Then dip a brush or rag into the water and wipe the exterior surface of the shoe to remove the grime and dirt. 

Rinse - With a separate, slightly damp rag, remove any excess soap that is left on the shoe. A microfiber absorbent towel is helpful here. 

Condition the leather -  While adding leather conditioner is optional, it will greatly extend the durability and improve the appearance of your shoe. Follow the instructions on the label, but you’ll usually apply the conditioner directly to the shoe and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, buff it off with another soft cloth. 

Dry- Once complete, leave your shoe to dry in the open air for at least 24 hours. Since heat can crack or damage the leather, avoid placing them in the sun or by a heater. 

While regular cleaning will help extend the life of your shoe, we also recommend avoiding wearing them in any inclement weather like rain or snow. You can also store them in a dust bag when they're not in use to keep them fresh and clean. 


Are Italian leather shoes good for everyday wear?

People love Italian shoes, often calling them the best in the world because of their fine craftsmanship and quality leather. Because Italy has a long history of tanning leather and a passion for making shoes, they are known for their handmade leather, quality stitching, durability, and style. Making shoes in Italy is an art perfected by putting care into each step of the process.

Compared to all other leathers in the world, Italian leather makes the most durable shoes necessary for everyday wear. Italian leather makes the strong, most comfortable shoes that adapt and mold to your feet for a custom fit. Further, while you will spend a little more, Italian leather shoes can withstand thousands of steps and last for as long as you take care of the shoes.


What types of women's shoes are popular?

Ballerina flats are the best simple shoes for women regarding comfort and style. They are known for having low heels and classic styles. Right now, ballet flats with a pointed or almond-shaped toes are very popular.

Loafers are slip-on shoes available in different styles, like mules, and materials, like leather. Penny loafers continue to maintain popularity, as do driving shoes.

Mules or shoes with no backs come in a variety of styles, including round, square, and pointed.

Booties are shorter ankle boots in a variety of different heights, and their names often refer to how much of the foot and leg they cover. Ankle boots that go a little higher also maintain popularity.

Sneakers are versatile, timeless sporty shoes, with most people owning at least one or two pairs of these casual shoes built for comfort. It has become essential in people's looks regardless of age, being no longer only part of sporty outfits.

Why are handmade shoes expensive?

Shoes made by hand are made to last, unlike synthetic materials, which usually are ready for the trash after six months. Unlike factory-made shoes, they must be made with the best materials and best craftsmanship so that they can be fixed if a part breaks or wears out. Most mass-produced shoes are not very comfortable, do not fit right, or hurt too much when worn. On the other hand, handmade shoes are fit and made so that none of these problems happen.

Shoes made by hand last much longer than shoes made in factories. They can often be worn for years and sometimes for decades. This is exactly what makes them a much better choice over the course of your life. Their quality starts with slow production to reduce problem areas and ensure excellence. And, of course, products that are carefully thought out and made by hand are luxurious or of the best quality.

Luxuries are expensive. The price also takes into account the time and care that went into making them. Italian leather is usually very expensive, but it is worth the money in the long run when you are still wearing the same classic pair of shoes a decade later, and they feel like part of your foot. For example, if you took the cost of the 14 pairs of shoes in your closet that you rarely wear and put it toward the cost of three pairs of handcrafted shoes, you could easily save money and get better shoes that will last much longer.

How long do shoes made in Italy last?

Synthetic and cheap materials tend to wear out quickly and lose their ability to support the foot. This can lead to a flattened arch, a collapsed heel, or a worn away footbed. Even the most popular shoes only last a maximum of two years. Italian-made shoes, on the other hand, can last up to five years, and they also get better with age. You can wear them all day, every day, because they are made to withstand anything.

When you compare leather goods, you will find that those made in Italy last the longest. The whole process of tanning has been made so that it will stand the test of time. Whether you plan to wear your shoes every day or just once in a while, they will still look stylish and classy no matter how much wear and tear. Because of how Italian leather is made, any nicks or scratches are easy to wipe away, so it will keep its elegant look for a long time.

Shoes that are made by hand are made to last. Unlike factory-made shoes, they must be made with the best materials and best craftsmanship so that they can be fixed if a part breaks or wears out. Over time, this will also save you money. Fixing a pair of shoes costs less than buying a new pair, especially if they are your favorite pair.

How are women's shoes different than men's shoes?

While men's and women's shoes look similar in shape, the similarities stop there. 

Men's shoes are usually wider, while women's shoes are usually wider in front and narrower in back. The weight difference and the shape of the foot are two other big changes.

Women's shoes have a little more room in the ball of the foot and toes than men's, but the heel is narrower. This is because men's and women's feet are shaped differently. Some women's and men's shoes even use different materials for the midsole or heel support, which can change how they fit, feel, or weigh.

Men and women also have different foot pronation than each other. Since women have wider hips than men, their feet hit the ground at a different angle than men's. This is called a "Q-angle" because it uses the quad muscle as it goes from the hip to the knee. Often, women's shoes have extra support to help with this.

Also, women of the same height and shoe size tend to weigh a little less than men, so our shoes may have a softer and lighter midsole than men's. Men and women can also have different heights and lengths of foot arches. Even if a men's shoe is the right size, the arch might not match the arch of your foot.

What is the best way to find Italian women's shoes that are right for me?

When buying a new pair of shoes, have your feet measured at a shoe store to ensure you get the right size and fit. You can measure at home, too but remember to measure the length and width before consulting the shoe chart. Also, measure your foot in the afternoon when your feet are the widest and longest for the day. By the end of the day, most people's feet have gotten a little bigger.

If you want to measure your feet, stand up. How you stand can change how big and round your feet are. When you stand, your feet are farther apart. It would be better if someone else took the measurement. This is because the right measurement can only be taken if you stand tall, look straight ahead, and put your weight in the middle of your foot.

The length of the arch is an important part of how a shoe fits. You can measure the length of your arch from your heel to the ball of your foot. Where your big toe joint bends is the ball of your foot. Your big toe should bend in the same way that the shoe bends. Get up on your toes with both shoes on. If the shoe bends before or after the joint of your big toe, it is not a good fit for the length of your arch.

Next, you need to check the shoe for the components you need. For example, check your shoe for high-quality material. The inside of the shoe is equally important and should offer support and comfort. Look for a comfortable lining with stitches that will not rub on the wrong spots of your feet. 

The insole should offer all-day comfort, such as memory foam, leather, or other materials designed for comfort. Additionally, your shoes need arch support to keep your feet healthy and safe. Flat insoles may look more comfortable, but your feet will tire quicker if you need to compensate for little to no arch support.

If you need walking shoes, look for light shoes with extra cushioning at the heel and under the ball of the foot. These features may help lessen pain in your heel and in the ball of your foot, like burning or soreness. Some walkers like shoes with a round or rocker bottom so they can easily move their weight from their heels to their toes.

For a traditional style of running shoe, look for shock absorption and good torsional strength. This means that the shoe should not be easy to twist. These features may help prevent shin splints, tendonitis, heel pain, stress fractures, and other injuries when you use something too much.

Now move on to style. As Italian leather shoes last much longer, pick a style of shoe you will wear often. The shoes should coordinate with several outfits and for your lifestyle. Find a pair of shoes ready to make a statement while remaining timeless enough to wear for years or even decades. Finally, pick shoes that speak to you and of the years you will spend together.


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