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Italian Bracelets


The origins of the 'bracelet' go right back to Ancient Greece and come from the Greek word ‘brachile’ which means 'of the arm'. Back then, the bracelets we know and love today were leather armbands worn by Greek soldiers and often decorated with gold, silver, and precious stones. When women began to wear them, they were already smaller versions, called ‘Bracel-ets’. There are many different types of bracelets. They can be made of beads, gold or silver chains, hold charms or be as simple as a bangle.


18k Italian Gold Bracelets & .925 Italian Silver Bracelets

Why are the best bracelets made in Italy?

Italian Bracelets made in Italy are one of the best all-year-round gifts you can give or receive. These are bracelets made with the finest materials and manufacturing techniques, which ensure the highest quality and true Italian style. In addition, Italy is renowned for its goldsmiths, located in the north in the Palladian city of Vicenza and further south in Tuscany in one of the country’s most beautiful cities, Florence.


What types of Italian bracelets does Italeau offer?

Italeau’s ultra feminine bracelets come in a range of 18k Italian gold and sterling silver. You can choose from sleek, simple, delicate chains, to those adorned with multi-colored crystal-embedded charms from petite Swarovski bracelets to bolder, more modern, rectangular-shaped link chains in adjustable lengths with lobster clasps.


Why do women love Italian bracelets?

Women who love Italian bracelets are more often than not happy to embrace their femininity and pay attention to detail and the importance of beautiful accessories. Italian-crafted jewelry already offers a spectacular range of essential womens’ accessories including necklaces, rings and earrings, but bracelets hold a special place here. Women’s wrists are a work of art, no wonder they love to decorate them.

Italeau’s handcrafted bracelets showcase intentionality and storytelling. Our collection features gold bracelets, crystal bracelets, silver bracelets, and more that are all handcrafted jewelry made in Italy. Each bracelet has been created by dedicated Italian craftsmen. Through their work, our bracelets represent the rich history of Italy and the Italian people. Italy is the birthplace of luxury craftsmanship because of this ability to tell a story through their craft. 

Let’s learn more about the authentic Italian craftsmanship of  Italeau bracelets. 


Why choose Italeau for Italian bracelets?

We believe, as citizens of the world, we have a duty to care for our fellow human beings. This belief has guided our choice to utilize our resources to provide water to communities in need and develop our products in Italy. Craftsmen in Italy have access to protection and are paid fairly. We advocate for a cohesive world. Our innate desire to be cohesive, mindful, and care for one another is present both in our personal lives and our brand’s impact on the world we live in.

When you choose Italeau’s Italian bracelets, you are choosing to support mindful production and quality craftsmanship. 

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What are the benefits of bracelets made in Italy?

Italy sets the standard for many fragments of the fashion world. One of them being handcrafted jewelry.

Italian crafted bracelet designs are unique, authentic, and artisanal. The Italian government enforces stringent quality measures, which as a result, Italian jewelry craftsmen produce a level of quality that is hard to come by in the United States.

In more detail, the benefits of bracelets made in Italy include:

Unique designs. Jewelry handmade in Italy is known for their detailed and unique designs. Italeau’s silver and gold bracelets showcase the exquisite Italian designs in their collection. The bracelet designs align with trending styles, but also include charming handmade details with timeless elegance.

Quality materials. At Italeau we care about you and the materials you’ll be wearing. That is why our collection of bracelets are handmade in Italy. Handmade bracelets from Italy usually have more time put into them and they are often crafted with more durable materials. Meaning you’re likely to be getting great personal return on your investment.

Ethically produced. Italeau’s gold, silver, and crystal bracelets are handmade in Italy. They are expertly designed and mindfully produced. Craftsmen in Italy have access to protection and are paid fairly. Handmade items can take more time, effort, and love to make. Despite the lengthy process associated with handmade bracelets, we choose to support Italian artisans, who have better access protection and fair compensation. We’re also not particularly interested in wasting resources, which can be seen when jewelry is mass-produced.


Pros & Cons of handmade Italian bracelets:

The world is filled with beautiful items, inspired by beautiful sights. As conscious and mindful travelers, we do our best to learn everything we can about what we’re investing in, especially if that personal investment is jewelry. When considering handmade Italian bracelets, you may be curious about the pros and cons before making your selection.

Handmade Italian bracelet pros include:

Crafted by Artisans. If you value jewelry that is both beautifully made and meaningful, handmade bracelets can have a unique story all their own. Their productions are often inspired by life and the beautiful world around us. This inspiration can impart meaning to their presentation. Handmade Italian bracelets may have unique details all their own, which you cannot be easily found in any other mass-produced bracelet. 

Environmentally friendly. Generally, it is known that mass-market production has various harmful effects on the environment and our resources. Since handmade bracelets are not mass produced, the methods used to produce them can use significantly less energy and other valuable resources. 

High quality materials. Handmade Italian bracelets are typically made by jewelry artisans from Italy. Artisans often use a higher quality of materials, which is difficult to find in the finished product of mass produced jewelry. It can also be seen that mass produced jewelry uses potentially dirty metal blends that irritate sensitive skin and show wear quicker. 

Prompt and friendly customer service. Prompt customer-friendly service is a staple of handmade jewelry brands. Italeau provides exceptional customer service to our valued clients. We deeply enjoy receiving testimonials from our customers and connecting with our customers to ensure their experience is unforgettable and personalized.

Considering the benefits is always fun! However, learning more about possible cons is also important when making jewelry selections. The cons of handmade Italian bracelets can include:

High price point. The Italian government enforces stringent quality measures. Italian jewelry craftsmen tend to produce very high quality pieces. Pricing can align with quality resulting in a higher price point, especially when compared to non-handmade pieces. 

Pre-order wait time. Like most things, beauty and true craftsmanship takes time. Handmade Italian bracelets take longer to make, which can mean your pieces may arrive to you later than desired.  

Regardless of the pros and cons relating to handmade bracelets, the handmade Italian bracelets from Italeau are crafted with quality materials and chic designs. 


Caring for crystal bracelets:

Italian crystal bracelets can be extremely joyful and versatile jewelry pieces. They are meant to garner attention immediately. Moreover, crystal bracelets can be worn for every occasion and many people choose to wear them on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a versatile piece you’ll never want to take off, knowing how to care for and clean your handcrafted crystal bracelet can be very important. 

The intention is to keep your crystal bracelet’s brilliance as long as possible. However, exposure to dirt, sun, chemicals, and moisture can dull your favorite jewelry pieces over time. Not to mention, beautiful handcrafted pieces may tarnish over time that makes them look overly worn and lose luster.

Fortunately, there are ways to clean your crystal bracelets and make them look like new again. Before you learn about ways you can clean bracelets, let's consider ways you can care for your bracelets. 

When caring for your crystal bracelet you should follow these instructions: Remove your crystal bracelet before swimming in the ocean, pool, or soaking in a hot bath tub. Refrain from wearing your crystal bracelet when applying moisturizers, sunscreen, tanning lotion, or perfume. Take off your crystal bracelet before gardening, doing household chores, or participating in any strenuous activities.Apply your cosmetics first before fastening your crystal bracelet, so that it will not be affected by the chemicals. Keep your crystal bracelet in a jewelry box or pouch away from other metals. Additional contact may cause damage.

A beautiful, handcrafted crystal bracelet is something of value, monetarily and sentimentally. We want to protect our investment and keep our favorite pieces looking like new. Especially since each Italeau crystal bracelet is like a work of art, uniquely handcrafted and unlike any other. Furthermore, proper crystal bracelet care will not only prevent damage, but also will help ensure the natural beauty of the crystals continue to shine. 

Additionally, to keep your crystal bracelets beautiful for years to come, you can do the following to clean your bracelet. When cleaning your crystal bracelet, you can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the bracelet after wearing it. You should avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning. It is better to use only water and a soft cloth, especially for bracelets with crystals.

It may also be beneficial to know that crystals and other gemstones can absorb your negative energy and other energies surrounding you. Therefore, crystal bracelets may need regular cleaning to remove the negative energies.


What can you wear with gold bracelets?

The versatility of gold bracelets is unparalleled when compared to other jewelry pieces. Gold bracelets can be eternally relevant no matter what your style or aesthetic is. Whether you’re wearing sky-high heels with an extremely structured silhouette or a flowing cotton dress with summer flats, a beautiful gold bracelet can be the perfect, subtle touch that works from day to night.

Gold bracelets, dangling elegantly from an otherwise bare wrist, make an impression. Now that you’re thinking about all of the possibilities for gold bracelets, let's consider some of our styling ideas. Ideas to wear with gold bracelets include:

More the merrier! Stacking bracelets can be seen in the styling everywhere you look. Afterall what's better than one gold bracelet? Multiple gold bracelets, of course! Stacking your gold bracelets can bring fun and interesting texture and color. The pop of color can come from the sparkling crystal bracelets. Creating a color story that can bring out the colors in your outfit. Stacking bracelets can feel like a more elegant look. However, a simpler look can help showcase the gorgeous collection resting on your arm. 

Chain-spiration. Inspired by the glamorous 80s, gold chain bracelets feel clean and modern. They’ve taken fashion influencers by storm and are one of the top trending accessories right now. You can be a little more casual with just one. The more elevated alternative would be to double them up or stack them. You can connect with the 70s and 80s aesthetic with playful prints and fun colors. Or pair your gold chain bracelet with the clean modern lines of a structured blazer. No matter how bold you decide to go, the gold chain bracelet will bring a bright touch to any look.

Classic and simple. We love our favorite gold bracelets. Sometimes the best way to go is just wearing our signature piece alone. Wearing the signature gold bracelet is the ideal accessory  if you’re feeling a bit more casual, but also can just the right touch with an elegant evening gown. 


Can you wear gold bracelets any season?

Gold bracelets are the ideal accessory. Why? They can be worn for any season and occasion. Italian gold bracelets can be worn dangling elegantly from an otherwise bare wrist or effortlessly paired with other gold or two toned pieces. Generally, there is really no wrong occasion for a gold bracelet. They have long been and will continue to be an invaluable accessory. 

Some may prefer to break out their gold bracelets and other gold accessories during the warm summer months. Gold bracelets can certainly be the wear-everywhere answer to the summer’s pared-down aesthetic. The structured gold bracelets can bring a timeless approach to accessorizing. However, gold is seen in many approaches to fall, winter, and spring aesthetics. Truly, if you feel confident in gold, then you can pull off gold in any season. Confidence is the key. Italeau’s gold bracelets are an excellent choice when selecting your new favorite piece.


Why do women love handmade bracelets?

If you are a true bracelet lover, you may already know that there are an overwhelming amount of options available for purchasing bracelets. Whether you find those options online or in-stores, you would think that there would be more unique and beautifully designed pieces to choose from. Finding the quality and elegant handmade bracelets at your desired price point can be more difficult than one would anticipate. 

Italeau acknowledges this need and has cultivated a collection of beautiful and unique handmade bracelets. If you’re disinterested in the bracelet options that you may find in the big-box-stores and on other websites with mass-produced jewelry, be sure to view Italeau’s substantial collection of handmade Italian bracelets. 

Women love handmade bracelets for their quality and globally conscious production. Not to mention, cherishing and wearing a handmade bracelet can be a very special experience. You are less likely to spot someone else wearing your treasured signature bracelet. 


How do you style gold and silver bracelets?

If you love wearing both gold and silver bracelets, you already know how stunning the styling can be when you pair them together. 

Mixing metals is no longer an issue. There was once a time when some would grimace at the thought of wearing gold and silver bracelets together. Can you imagine? Seems strange now. The two toned aesthetic is absolutely trending right now. Many are enjoying expressing their personal style with both gold and silver bracelets. 

When done correctly, mixing gold and silver can look effortlessly chic. Not to mention, the pairing can also solve your problem of choosing one over the other. If you’re loyal to either gold or silver, there are subtle ways to try wearing gold and silver bracelets together. You can wear a statement gold piece with a softer, daintier silver piece. Or possibly if you wear a platinum engagement ring and/or wedding band on your left hand, a gold bracelet on your right hand could be a beautiful way to pair gold and silver together.


What are the benefits of handmade gold and silver bracelets?

Handmade gold and silver bracelets can be lovely items to look at and admire. However, is there more to these pieces? Before making your selection, it can be in your best interest to look at the benefits.

The benefits of handmade gold and silver bracelets include:

Unique designs. Bracelets that are mass-produced usually will all look the same. Mass-produced bracelets may also have a much simpler design versus a bracelet that has been handmade. When you own a handmade bracelet from Italy, there is a good chance you won’t have to worry about seeing someone else wearing the exact same piece that you own.

Protects sensitive skin. Handmade bracelets typically use premium quality materials because they have a rigorous quality standard to uphold. If you have sensitive skin or metal allergies, gold and sterling silver are considered to be the jewelry standard. Italeau’s entire bracelet collection is crafted with 92.5% sterling silver. The Italeau gold bracelets are crafted with the same 92.5% sterling silver and 18k gold plating. Italeau’s handmade gold and silver bracelets are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Quality. Typically, bracelets can have a high price point, but mass-produced bracelets are not guaranteed to last for a long amount of time. It is possible to find affordable handmade gold and silver bracelets. Handmade bracelets usually have more time invested into them. They’re often created with more durable materials, which adds to their value.

Timeless styling. Handmade gold and silver bracelets are essential wardrobe staples. They’re incredibly versatile and can be worn for essentially every occasion. 

Italeau has an incredible collection of handmade gold and silver bracelets. Now that you’re aware of the benefits connected with handmade bracelets, discover which style speaks to you from Italeau. 


When is the best time to wear gold bracelets vs. silver bracelets?

Wearing gold vs silver colored jewelry has been a long-debated topic and there's plenty of confusion around which metal to choose to suit yourself, your budget and your sense of style.

Which color of metal to wear was traditionally determined by people's skin coloring: warmer colors meant gold metal, cooler colors meant silver metal.


What types of bracelets are trendy right now?

Whether you’re throwing on your favorite lounge set to grab coffee with a friend or slipping into something more formal, accessorizing with a bracelet is a simple yet chic way to complete any look. Curious about the most popular bracelet trends right now? Trend forecasters are envisioning these bracelets trends maybe continuing:

Chain Link Bracelets. Chain link bracelets provide an effortlessly chic element to black-tie attire and casual outfits alike. Bracelets with small, tight links are great for formal events, while chunky, larger links add a sophisticated aspect to more casual apparel and loungewear.

Stacked Bracelets. Stacking bracelets together is the perfect way to express your individual style while still keeping up with the latest jewelry trends. Try mixing metals in a playful way by stacking a dainty rose gold chain link bracelet with a diamond tennis bracelet or set of bangles.

Charm Bracelets. Adored by all ages, this simple accessory makes for an excellent gift for your sister, best friend, mom, aunt, grandma and anyone in between. You can continue to add charms to the bracelet over time, recognizing major life events and new interests.

If you need help selecting the perfect bracelet for yourself or someone else, view Italeau’s collection of gold and silver handmade bracelets from Italy. 


How to use crystal bracelets to dress up or dress down an outfit?

A carefully chosen bracelet has the power to transform any outfit. Including one crystal bracelet can make your look notably more elevated or casual. The key utilizing a crystal bracelet is recognizing what style element your bracelet can bring. From there, you can use the element crystal bracelets bring to strategically eliminate another piece to transform the final product.

Crystal bracelets can add a subtle texture and color that is sure to make an impression. Many utilize more than one crystal bracelet and stack them to add structure and glamor to a look. If you decide to stack your bracelets, you may appreciate knowing that a general rule of thumb is to wear three to four bracelets. The stacked bracelets may also share similar traits. Furthermore, adding multiple crystal bracelets will elevate any look.

If you’re interested in a more casual look, consider one of these two approaches with your crystal bracelet choices: simple sets or clean lines. Casual sets are a major trend right now. They’re cozy, casual, and chic. This is a perfect way to wear your crystal bracelet in a casual setting. You can also wear the crystal bracelet with a crisp, clean white t-shirt. Simple and classic styling option that pairs perfectly with your favorite crystal bracelet. 


Are gold bracelets or silver bracelets better for me?

What team are you on? The battle between gold and silver is the tale as old as time. Some may have a preference, but most still struggle deciding if gold or silver bracelets are better for them.

Many discover what metal color works for them based on skin tone. Generally, gold can be better suited for a warmer skin coloring, while silver can be better suited for a cooler skin coloring. If you need additional guidance on discovering what type of skin tone you have, you can look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Green veins indicate a warmer skin tone and blue veins indicate a cooler skin tone. So, if your veins are green, gold bracelets might suit you. If your veins are blue, silver bracelets may be perfect for you.

You may also want to change up your jewelry depending on the season. In the winter you may have paler skin, but in the summer your skin tans and hair becomes a warmer-toned brown. So, in the winter you might stick with silver. Then enjoy wearing gold bracelets in the summer months. There is just something about gold bracelets with a little sparkle that just adds to the warm beachy glow.

Ultimately, you have the final say on which bracelet works for you. Your personal preference comes first, even if it does bend the rules! You’re the one rocking your favorite bracelet. When you’re selecting a bracelet, choose the one that best suits you and your personality. You can’t go wrong. Take the time to look at the gorgeous handmade gold and silver bracelets from Italeau’s Italian bracelet collection. 


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