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Italian Gold Necklaces


Handmade gold necklaces are incredibly special because they’re unique and offer a personal touch. With each piece being made by hand, handmade necklaces can have their own individuality and charm. Additionally, handmade gold necklaces often have a greater level of craftsmanship and attention to detail compared to other jewelry options.

Each of the Italeau handmade gold necklaces from Italy are beautifully and intentionally made. As a brand, Italeau believes that we are all citizens of the world. So, we’re responsible for choices and consider caring for our fellow human beings to be a privilege. This belief has guided Italeau’s choices. With each purchase, Italeau provides water to communities in need. 

Italeau’s intentionality and commitment to mindfulness greatly impacted their decision to develop their products in Italy. Craftsmen in Italy have access to protection and are paid fairly. Being advocates for a cohesive world, Italeau continues to make beautiful pieces with quality materials and acknowledge their impact on the world we live in.

Continue to read to learn more about the authentic Italian craftsmanship of the Italeau handmade gold necklaces.


18k Gold Necklaces Handmade in Italy


Gold jewelry can be traced back to 4400 BC, fairly recently if we look into the history of gold necklaces, which were worn thousands and thousands of  years ago by the ancient Egyptians to both ward off evil and bring good luck.  Gold necklaces are known to possess spiritual powers that bring happiness, peace, and stability. They are  also a symbol of wealth, and prosperity. A talisman to cherish!


What is the best type of gold necklace to buy?

As well as the panache a gold necklace lends to an outfit, the best type of gold necklace to buy is one designed in solid gold - an 18k gold necklace to be precise. This gold  karat is durable and strong enough for everyday wear.  If you give your gold necklaces lots of tender loving care, they can last forever and be passed down to someone equally special, as  heirlooms, in the future. 


Why choose Italeau for gold necklaces?

Italeau offers a selection of beautiful 18k gold-layered chains. These range from simple, but extremely elegant skinny chains, to the oval necklace; a geometric oval pendant on a thin chain, to chunkier chain link necklaces.  Some more  ornate chain designs are adorned with small sophisticated  gold charms  and others with tiny Swarovski crystal-embedded teardrop and circle pendants. You’re sure to make a statement with this fine, made to order jewelry, handcrafted in Italy!  


Why are gold necklaces a wardrobe essential?

A classic 18k gold necklace is a jewelry-box staple. A symbol of simple elegance and grace as well as a style statement for the outfit you choose every day. Whether you opt for skinny or chunky, long or short, plain or embellished with crystals or for that lucky charm chain, your wardrobe will be grateful for that extra special touch!


How do you style gold necklaces?

Women's gold chain necklaces can be paired with practically any outfit, but the design you should invest in will depend on what you wear on a regular basis. You can keep it simple and wear gold over a black t-shirt or turtleneck cashmere sweater. Alternatively, show off your décolletage with different length layered gold chains - why not match these with an off-the-shoulder outfit or sleeveless little black dress. When getting ready for a day at the office, jazz up that corporate shirt with a layer of chains and colored beads or wear a powerful sentimental charm close to your heart to give your day more meaning.



What is the best type of gold necklace to buy?

Selecting a jewelry piece to wear can be inspired by our individual aesthetic as well as styling for a specific occasion. However, when purchasing a gold necklace, we may consider many different factors. We may be purchasing a gold necklace because we feel a special emotional connection to the piece. 

Ultimately, the best type of gold necklace to buy depends on your personal preferences and price point. Some popular options include:

14K or 18K gold plating necklaces. Purchasing a gold necklace with either 14k or 18k gold plating provides a special balance of durability and affordability.

Yellow or white gold necklaces. These types of metals can be an excellent option if you’re interested in traditional and classic styling.

Chains in different styles. Different chained necklaces provide variety. You can choose different chain designs based on your vibe such as chain link, rope, snake, cable, or curb chain.

Pendants or charm necklaces. Pendants and charms can be very appealing. Often gold necklaces with pendants or charm can add meaning. 

The best type of gold necklace to purchase is the one that meets your individual needs and style. If you find a special connection and create an emotional investment with a necklace then even better!


Why choose Italeau for gold necklaces?

Selecting a handmade gold necklace from Italeau means you are also choosing cohesion, mindfulness, and positive action. Italeau’s handmade gold necklaces are made with quality in mind. Jewelry made with quality and intentionality is important because it affects our customer experience. Italeau cares about the materials we use and what you wear. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

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Why are gold necklaces a wardrobe essential?

We all have our favorite jewelry. They’re our go-to! No matter what we’re wearing, that one piece can pull the whole outfit together. A classic, quality handmade gold necklace can definitely be that treasured piece. Gold necklaces can be considered a wardrobe essential for these top three reasons:

Versatility. Gold necklaces can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for a variety of occasions. They can complement any outfit and add an extra touch of elegance. Gold is a classic material that never goes out of style.

Longevity. If taken care of properly, gold necklaces can last for years, making it a valuable and smart investment.

Sentimental value. Gold necklaces can hold sentimental value. Yes, they’re gorgeous to look at, but they inspire an emotional reaction and can serve as a daily reminder for all of the things we hold near and dear.

No matter your reason, a gold necklace can be a versatile and timeless addition to any wardrobe, making it a must-have accessory.

How to care for & clean your gold necklaces:

To preserve your cherished gold necklace, you may need to take some action steps to care for and clean your necklace. To care for and clean your gold necklaces, you can follow these steps:

Store properly. Store your gold necklaces separately in a jewelry box or pouch to avoid scratches or tangles.

Clean regularly. Clean your gold necklaces with warm soapy water. Then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals. Avoid exposing your gold necklace to any household chemicals, chlorine, or other harsh substances.

Remove before exercising or sleeping. Remove your gold necklace before participating in physical activities or sleeping. If you leave your necklace on, you could cause damage and wear. 

Have it professionally cleaned. When you can, have your gold necklace professionally cleaned and checked for damage periodically.

Fortunately, quality handmade necklaces made with 18k gold plating, like Italeau’s necklaces, are made to be durable and are equipped to handle everyday wear and tear. However, by following these simple steps, you can keep your gold necklaces in great condition and maintain their beauty for years to come. A little TLC is never a bad thing!


How do you style gold necklaces?

You’re special and unique. Being one of a kind means you have your own personal style. You may be curious how to integrate gold necklaces within your style choices. Gold necklaces can be styled in so many versatile ways. Just to give you some ideas, here are five ways to style your gold necklace with different outfits and occasions:

Layering necklaces with a high neckline top. Mix and match different styles and lengths of gold necklaces for a layered look. Pairing this styling with a high neckline can be a chic and comfortable look.

Charm necklace with a cocktail dress. Pair a simple pendant necklace with a cocktail dress for added elegance.

Chain link necklace with a casual outfit or lounge set. A chain link gold necklace adds a touch of sophistication and structure to casual outfits. Italeau has a gorgeous chain link necklace that will bring a little spice to any outfit. 

Bold statement necklace with a plain top. A statement gold necklace can elevate a plain top and add interest to your outfit.

Mix with other jewelry. Mix gold necklaces with other pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, and rings for a cohesive look.

Experiment with different styles and lengths of gold necklaces to find the look that best suits your personal style. You might surprise yourself. 


What can you wear with gold necklaces?

Gold necklaces can be paired with a variety of clothing items to create different looks. When wearing a dress, gold necklaces can complement both casual and formal dresses by adding the perfect touch of elegance. For your tops, gold necklaces can dress up a plain t-shirt and add interest to your outfit. Jeans: Gold necklaces can add sophistication to a casual jeans and t-shirt look. Suits: A gold necklace can be worn with a business suit to add a touch of personality to a professional outfit. Formal wear: Gold necklaces are a classic addition to formal wear such as gowns and evening dresses. 

Gold necklaces are essentially a secret ingredient! They can be paired with a wide range of clothing items to create different looks and styles. Italeau doesn't gate-keep. Find gorgeous handmade gold necklaces from Italy on Italeau. 


Can you wear gold necklaces any season?

Yes, of course. You can wear a gold necklace in any season. They are designed to be a versatile and timeless accessory. Although, depending on your preferences, certain styles or designs may be more suitable for specific seasons. For example, lighter and simpler necklaces can be more suited for summer. In comparison, heavier and more statement-making pieces can be better for fall and winter.

Ultimately, wearing a gold necklace in any season can depend on your personal style and the type of gold necklace that you’re deciding to wear. Whether it is a choker, pendant, or statement piece, gold necklaces can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, regardless of the season.


Are gold necklaces trendy right now? What kind of gold necklaces are in style?

There’s a reason why gold necklaces end up being treasured family heirlooms. They are a timeless accessory that never goes out of style. While certain styles or designs may be more popular at a given time, gold necklaces as a whole are always considered fashionable.

Currently, some trending styles of gold necklaces include delicate and layered pieces, chain linked, pendants with meaningful symbols, and statement pieces with unique designs. Overall, gold necklaces are always a stylish and sophisticated accessory that will remain trendy for years to come.

Here are some of the most popular styles of gold necklaces:

Delicate and layered.  Thin, delicate chains and multiple necklaces worn layered together are popular for a light and effortless look.

Chain link. Chain linked necklaces, whether paired with a simple t-shirt or structured jacket, they’re at the top of the trend charts. 

Statement pieces. Bold, chunky, and statement-making necklaces with unique designs and embellishments are in style.

Mix and match. Mixing and matching different styles and lengths of necklaces to create a layered look is also a trend.

These styles reflect the current fashion trends, but ultimately, personal style and preference will determine which gold necklaces are in style for you and your unique aesthetic. When selecting your new favorite gold necklace, Italeau is a great place to start. Their collection of handmade gold necklaces produced in Italy are not only gorgeous, but also made with intention. Shine on the inside and out with Italeau’s handcrafted gold necklaces and jewelry.


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