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Women's Italian Cashmere Zip Up Hoodies


Historically, the term hood comes from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd - an English hat. Its shape and style go all the way back to Medieval Europe when monks attached a hood or cowl to their robes. Since then, a hoodie has evolved into a sweatshirt with a hood and includes two pockets on either side of the zipper, or a single large muff if the hoodie is a pullover style. Both versions feature a drawstring closure for extra snugness.


Best 100% Pure Cashmere Hoodies


Why are cashmere hoodies so popular?

Hoodies already conjure up images of limitless free time and comfort. Imagine uplifting this basic garment with the finest Italian-produced cashmere yarns and automatically dressing up your outfit with the utmost ease. The stylish cashmere hoodie is the perfect combination of casual and classic. It's meant to last forever. Why wouldn’t it be popular?


How do you style Italian cashmere hoodies?

Cashmere hoodies can be worn all year round. You can wear them fitted or oversized. Hoodie styles vary; from more traditional to modern classic, making them a must-have for a sophisticated off-duty look. With their luxurious material and sports cut, cashmere hoodies can be worn loosely over casual outfits and sneakers, or styled with leather flats for a more tailored look over tapered pants or skirts.

Are elevated essentials like Italian cashmere hoodies worth it?

Absolutely! Cashmere has remarkable insulating properties, but unlike other wool, it is also lightweight and breathable. A cashmere hoodie is comfortable enough to wear to the office and warm enough for a walk in the park at lunchtime. A touch of elegance is guaranteed if you’re having a business lunch. Cashmere hoodies are undoubtedly more expensive than their more sporty sweatshirt cousins, but their versatility is unsurpassable and ultimately, worth the price.

It’s believed that the term cardigan first came to life shortly after the Crimean War (1853-1856). The inspiration for this fashion trend is often credited to British Lieutenant-General James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan (or Lord Cardigan), who is said to have sported a woolen waistcoat during the War’s many engagements. Over a century and a half later, the passion for cardigans is still alive, and during this winter season, Italeau is pleased to be showcasing cashmere cardigans for women. Come discover our extraordinary collection of 100% medium-gauge  cashmere cardigans for women, handcrafted by accomplished artisans in the Tuscany region of Italy. We are confident that you’ll want to add this soft, luxurious Italian Cashmere Sweater to your wardrobe. In addition to our beautiful cardigans, don’t miss out on our dreamy selection of Italian Cashmere Wraps, Italian Cashmere Hoodies, Italian Cashmere Robes, and so much more.  


What makes Italian cashmere cardigans so great?

Like the Italian cashmere sweaters and other garments we offer, our Italian cashmere cardigans are produced using only the finest quality yarns.  So much effort goes into the meticulous start-to-finish process, making the end result a highly sought-after commodity. From the cleansing of goat fur to its conversion into yarn, each intricate, arduous step is completed by hand.  After the yarn is created and dyed, a labor-intensive weaving process is begun.  As a result, the finished textiles are amazingly soft, lightweight, and fairly resistant to pilling.  Since cashmere is a natural product, cardigans should be long-lasting garments, as long as they are well cared for.     


How do you style cashmere cardigans?

Cashmere cardigans are extremely versatile and drape beautifully. Whether jazzing things up or attending a family get-together, they are suitable for virtually any occasion. 


Here are some outfit ideas for styling a cashmere cardigan:

With Jeans and a simple tee: A classic look that is easy to throw together. Pair a cashmere cardigan with a basic tee and any style of jeans for a casual, yet stylish outfit.

A cashmere cardigan can be dressed up by wearing it over a dress and pairing it with heels for a chic look. For a more professional look, pair a cashmere cardigan with any dress pants and a button-up. A cashmere cardigan can be more casual by wearing it with a skirt and boots. Cozy and comfortable. For a warm weather look, pair a cashmere cardigan with shorts and a tank top.


Are cashmere cardigans made in Italy better?

Although Italeau’s cashmere cardigans are made in Italy, we have  consistently purchased  material exclusively from highland goat breeders in Mongolia, who are known for providing the best fur in the world. Like most businesses in Italy that facilitate handmade textiles, there are certifications required in order for their goods to meet international standards.  Added to that, the European Union has strict guidelines on the exportation of textiles, in that the fiber content must be indicated on the label. This assures the consumer that their merchandise is a genuine, quality article. Italy has a long history of producing textiles, and the country has been working with cashmere for many decades. This experience has allowed Italian manufacturers to refine their production processes and produce some of the finest cashmere products in the world.


Are Italian-made cashmere cardigans worth the investment?

If the quality of your clothing is a deciding factor for your purchases, then yes, Italian-made cashmere cardigans are a worthy addition to your collection. Italian-made cashmere cardigans are known for their superior quality and craftsmanship. The use of high-quality raw materials and traditional techniques results in a product that is soft, warm, and durable. Italeau weaves its cardigans with Grade-A cashmere fibers, which means it’s not intermingled with other materials and guarantees the highest standards of purity. Its breathability, durability, and longevity are second to none. Additionally, owning an Italian-made cashmere cardigan is seen as a luxury and a status symbol, making it a great investment piece.


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What makes cashmere made in Italy perfect for cardigans?

Cashmere is the ideal material for cardigans because of its thermal regulating properties and its cozy, ultra soft feel. Other than Mongolia, the natural wool needed to make top-grade cashmere is also found in other regions of China. Once it has been imported to Italy, and all of the preliminary processes are completed, it’s the skilled Italian artisans who meticulously transform the yarn into the masterpieces you are presented with. These experts are part of a trade community that prides itself on providing their clients with the best textiles money can buy. For the consumer, that’s an enorme vantaggio - a huge benefit! 


Are cashmere cardigans warm?

Outside of unprecedented softness, warmth is one of the most delicious attributes of a cashmere cardigan. In fact, some tests have shown that clothing made of cashmere is 3-8 times warmer than its popular counterpart, Merino wool - not to mention that it retains heat without being bulky or heavy like most wool garments. So for those who enjoy being enveloped by radiant comfort on a chilly winter night, this is the ideal choice for maximum insulation.    


Where can I buy cashmere cardigans?

Cashmere cardigans and sweaters are enjoyed by all ages and sexes due to their special uniqueness. Italeau carries a range of cardigans that include open-front and sleeveless styles. Our open front cardigans come in a range of colors that leave something for everyone’s taste and style.  


Why are Italian cashmere cardigans a must-have item?

The answer to this was best summed up by the fashion icon, Hubert de Givenchy: …”all a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers, and a cashmere sweater.…”  Cashmere exudes an attitude of style, refinement, and class. Just putting it on is a slice of heaven. It’s the epitome of softness, coziness, and bliss. Plus, it goes with just about anything, from your favorite pair of jeans to those dressy slacks that are in need of a fashionable enhancement.    


What is the softest material for women’s cardigans?

To date, the most exceptional cardigans are those made of premium cashmere, the sumptuous, desirable product spun from the silky undercoat of goats. Nothing is better than having a sweater feel like butter next to your skin, and that’s why we want to wear them repeatedly.  Most of all, cashmere fibers offer everlasting comfort compared to man-made fabrics such as polyester, rayon, or viscose. It's worth noting that the quality of cashmere can vary, and factors such as the grade of the cashmere, the processing method, and the spinning technique can all impact the final feel of the product. When looking for a soft cashmere cardigan, it's important to invest in a high-quality product made from fine cashmere fibers. Shopping with Italeau will ensure that you have received the finest high-quality cashmere, handmade with care, in small batches just for you.       


How durable are cashmere cardigans?

Unless cared for improperly, genuine cashmere cardigans can usually last 2-3 decades - or an entire lifetime. A cashmere cardigan can even become an heirloom if it is well-made, well-cared for, and holds personal significance for the owner. Investing in Italian cashmere for your cardigan and properly caring for your garment, will ensure its longevity. Additionally, they are naturally flame resistant, travel well, and are fairly wrinkle-proof when stored for the season. Cashmere cardigans are often tightly knit, which helps to prevent the fibers from fraying or breaking. This tight-knit also makes the cardigans less likely to pill or develop holes over time. Over time, if pilling or fuzz does become noticeable due to arm or elbow friction, there are special cashmere combs and other devices on the market to alleviate that.


How do you wash cashmere cardigans?

Ideally, you can wear cashmere cardigans multiple times before cleaning is needed, especially if worn over a base layer. There are a few rules to keep in mind when washing knitwear, and it’s always wise to check the label for instructions.  With cashmere, it’s advised to take the cardigan to a trusted dry cleaner. Otherwise, it can be hand washed in cold water with mild soap or shampoo for 20 minutes. Do not wring dry or place on a hanger as this can damage or stretch the fibers. Instead, gently squeeze out any residual water between two towels, lay flat, and reshape to dry. Afterward, fold and store it in a moth-proof drawer. 

Italian cashmere cardigans are a popular choice among those who are looking for a high-quality, luxurious product. The combination of fine materials, traditional techniques, and strict quality control standards results in some of the finest cashmere cardigans in the world.


Why do women like wearing hoodies?

Hoodies are one of the most popular and widely worn types of clothing right now. People of all ages can enjoy wearing hoodies, whether men or women. You can add some style to your closet with a great hoodie. If you own a hoodie and wear it with confidence and style.

A hoodie is a type of sweatshirt with a hood that helps keep you warm. Because it covers most of your head and neck, the hood can also keep your hair from getting dirty or wet when the weather is bad. Women's hoodies are great for lounging around the house but also great for going out with friends.

Hoodies are not just for teens anymore; adults wear them too, but of better quality. While teenagers are content to wear poly-cotton blends, women want cashmere hoodies. Women love the softness of the fabric and the ease of adding warmth quickly to any outfit. Hoodie cardigans make the best the best option for women who do not want to mess up their hairstyle.


Why do women love cashmere?

Women want the softest, most durable fabric ready to work with any outfit from the office, to the beach, or on a date night. Only cashmere can do all this and last for decades, too, while retaining its silky softness. Also, the fabric can keep you warm in any season, including the winter as well as or better than wool without the scratchiness.

Cashmere gets softer with use and washing, and it does not usually pill after a few wears and washes. While it can do all this, it's light, lets air through, and does not get wrinkled. Women want this dream fabric because it's more comfortable and with the right timeless styles, they can wear the same essential items for decades.

Cashmere does not wear out or get damaged over time like other fabrics do. Instead, if you take care of it, it gets better with time. Cashmere's natural fibers make it a great investment for any winter wardrobe. They may cost a little more upfront than regular sweaters, but last decades longer.

Finally, cashmere is the ultimate luxury, and every woman needs a little luxury in their life! They may have a dozen sweaters in their closet, but none will offer the same level of beauty, warmth, longevity, and extreme softness than a cashmere hoodie.


Are cashmere hoodies on trend?

Cashmere maintains its notoriety as a wardrobe essential because of their extravagance and functionality. Hoodies sell in record numbers for their warm cocoon feeling, which helps to separate you from the world just a little bit. When the two mix, you get a glorious cashmere hoodie ready to keep you warm, in fashion, and comfortable in any space you are in.

Neither cashmere nor hoodies will fade from fashion any time soon as women are done sacrificing comfort and quality for fad fashion trends. They want staple people ready to last for dozens of years, not a single year or two. When you put them together, you get a whole new level of comfort and luxury. Cashmere, a high-quality material made from a certain breed of goat, has changed the way we look at everyday basics, making them smarter than just casual.

Cashmere is in style for everything, and hoodies come in all shapes and sizes. With a zipper and a hood, cashmere hoodies make the perfect addition to a cold day or colder evening by protecting the torso and the head from snapping winds and freezing temperatures.


What makes Italian cashmere the perfect material for women's hoodies?

If you only buy one thing this winter, it should be an Italian cashmere hoodie. Since goats' soft undercoats make cashmere wool, it is very soft to the touch. Also, they keep you warm and comfortable without scratching or irritating your skin like some other materials do.

For women, a cashmere hoodie is the most important thing in their closet as it works for any weather. If you want to add a cashmere hoodie to your collection, check out our Italeau zip-up cashmere hoodies to see some of the best cashmere hoodies for women. They give you luxury handmade cashmere ready to add beauty and function to your wardrobe.

Open hoodies have been around for a while, but you see them more and more these days. Compared to a normal hoodie, women always choose the option willing to keep their hair in check! Because the front stays open, there are more ways to wear it, like with a cute blouse underneath. Also, it helps show off your jewelry, scarves, and shawls that you wear around your neck.


When is the best time to wear a cashmere hoodie?

Any time of year works best for a cashmere hoodie as it's an extra layer you can add for warmth and not a stand-alone item of clothing. Wear it in the winter to protect from freezing temperatures or a night on the beach in the summer.

However, try to wear a waterproof layer over your hoodie if it's raining, as rain can make cashmere stiff. Cashmere is a knit fabric that will block some wind but not as much as a waterproof jacket like leather. A good cashmere hoodie works with many different outfits to make you feel more comfortable no matter the weather.


How do you style cashmere hoodies?

A soft and warm cashmere hoodie looks good with most casual outfits. Most offices do not allow hoodies, but it's a go everywhere. Choose basic colors like black, navy, tan, beige, white, and so on, so you can mix and match them with other items such as skirts, jeans, or even with dress pants and a belt over the hoodie.

The options for styling a cashmere hoodie are endless, as the luxurious fabric makes the casual sweater instantly chicer. You can wear your cashmere hoodie with any kind of pants or jeans at any time. Just put on some sneakers or leather booties, and you are ready to go.

People who live in the city will love the ability of a cashmere hoodie to keep you warm in the winter or in long lines outside in crowded areas. A good hoodie includes pockets to keep your hands warm and, of course, a hoodie to protect your head from the elements. Grab a few cashmere hoodies, one in a cool color and another in a warm color, to pair with any outfit for almost any location.

A hoodie might not always be enough to keep you warm on its own. Put a blazer over your hoodie to keep yourself warm and still look elegant. Even on the coldest nights, this will keep you warm. But you should remember to keep that the blazer's color is different from the color of your hoodie. Blazers look good with neutral-colored hoodies or have a simple initial on them.

If you want to look a little fancier, you can wear a scarf with your hoodie. Wrap a colorful scarf around your neck, and you will not need the hoodie cap at all.

But do not use a long scarf, or you might be unable to tie it properly around your neck. The hoodie's headcover takes up a lot of space, so wear smaller scarves. Also, do not tie the scarf too tight because it might be hard to move your head if you have both a scarf and a hoodie on.

Hats and sunglasses are helpful in sunny weather. Medium-brimmed cowgirl hats and dark sunglasses look great with this style. Put on flip-flops or belt sandals with your denim jeans and hoodie, and your summer look is done. Honestly, accessories will help cashmere to pop and add extra glamor to your outfit.

You can wear a suit over your hoodie, jeans, and two-strap heeled sandals to turn your hoodie into semi-formal business wear. This semi-formal look is more relaxed, friendly, and easy to talk to. You have to talk to many people in business, and if they feel comfortable around you because of how you dress, it could be a win-win situation. But wear a plain, solid-colored hoodie; otherwise, it could be too casual for your business look.

With your hoodies, it is easy to make a look from the 1990s, which is very popular right now. Get a plain hoodie and layer it with a denim jacket. Wear boyfriend jeans and large dad sneakers. Better would be a bright hoodie with some tacky prints. You could also wear a white hoodie with light blue jeans and a jacket. Just remember to wear this outfit on your time and not at work.


How durable are cashmere hoodies for women?

Cashmere lasts for decades; you can even pass down a sweater to your granddaughter if you take care of the fabric. Merino wool and leather might be the only fabrics capable of lasting longer than cashmere, but not by much. The fabric can take a beating better than almost any option, as it's one of the strongest fabrics in the world for clothing.

While cashmere will cost more upfront, you save money in the long run as the price spans dozens of years instead of a few. Also, cashmere allows for altering, mending, and changing better than most materials on the market, especially synthetic options.



Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


A combination of luxury materials and cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.


Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


We pair luxury materials with cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.

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