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Cashmere Hoodies For Women

Historically, the term hood comes from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd - an English hat. Its shape and style go all the way back to Medieval Europe when monks attached a hood or cowl to their robes. Since then, a hoodie has evolved into a sweatshirt with a hood and includes two pockets on either side of the zipper, or a single large muff if the hoodie is a pullover style. Both versions feature a drawstring closure for extra snugness.

Women's Italian Cashmere Zip Hoodies

Why are cashmere hoodies so popular?

Hoodies already conjure up images of limitless free time and comfort. Imagine uplifting this basic garment with the finest Italian-produced cashmere yarns and automatically dressing up your outfit with the utmost ease. The stylish cashmere hoodie is the perfect combination of casual and classic. It's meant to last forever. Why wouldn’t it be popular?

How do you style Italian cashmere hoodies?

Cashmere hoodies can be worn all year round. You can wear them fitted or oversized. Hoodie styles vary; from more traditional to modern classic, making them a must-have for a sophisticated off-duty look. With their luxurious material and sports cut, cashmere hoodies can be worn loosely over casual outfits and sneakers, or styled with leather flats for a more tailored look over tapered pants or skirts.

Are elevated essentials like Italian cashmere hoodies worth it?

Absolutely! Cashmere has remarkable insulating properties, but unlike other wool, it is also lightweight and breathable. A cashmere hoodie is comfortable enough to wear to the office and warm enough for a walk in the park at lunchtime. A touch of elegance is guaranteed if you’re having a business lunch. Cashmere hoodies are undoubtedly more expensive than their more sporty sweatshirt cousins, but their versatility is unsurpassable and ultimately, worth the price.