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Tan Dress Shoes for Women


It can be difficult to create the perfect transitional and classic shoe that matches everything. That is unless you’re an expert designer like we are. Handcrafted Italian leather shoes that fit any occasion or style are our specialty. Whether you’re looking for a timeless ballet flat or slide-on mule to die for, there’s something for everyone in our collection of tan leather shoes. 


Women's Luxury Tan Leather Shoes


At Italeau, we pride ourselves on creating unique luxury shoes that are comfortable, stylish and durable. Plus, all of our shoes are consciously created by protected and fairly-paid Italian artisans using techniques passed down from generations. 

Ready to learn more about our tan dress shoes for women? Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Italian leather shoes. 


Why are tan leather dress shoes a wardrobe essential for women?

Tan leather shoes are a quintessential item for any woman’s wardrobe thanks to their versatility and timeless style. No matter the occasion or weather, a neutral pair of tan leather shoes will fit the moment. 

Here are a few reasons tan leather shoes have been a wardrobe staple for women: 

Versatility - Our tan leather shoes will match any color, pattern or style, making them a worthy investment that you’ll get years of use out of. Besides their effortless ability to match your outfit, you can also dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you’re heading to the board room or the grocery store, your tan leather shoes will fit in seamlessly. 

Comfort - Italian leather and suede is an incredibly comfortable, soft material that will gradually shape and fit to the wearer's foot over time. But, we’ve taken the comfort to the next level by adding in modern enhancements like Flexlite soles and cushioned memory-foam insoles with arch support. You won’t want to take them off!

Classic style - A good, neutral pair of tan shoes are always in style. You’ll be able to wear them year after year without worrying about them becoming unfashionable. 

Investing in a pair of tan leather dress shoes for your wardrobe will give you a stylish and timeless option for your shoes. That’s why it’s remained a wardrobe essential for decades. 

What are the benefits of tan leather dress shoes?

There’s a reason that tan leather dress shoes have remained popular, outlasting many other style trends and fads. But, outside of being stylish, there are some incredible benefits to owning a pair of tan Italian leather dress shoes. Some of our favorites include: 

Durability - Italian leather is known as one of the most durable and also comfortable fabric for shoes, ensuring your tan leather dress shoes will be able to withstand normal wear and tear while lasting you decades.

Great investment for your money - Thanks to their timeless style and durability, you’ll be able to wear your tan leather dress shoes from Italeau hundreds of times. With our outstanding high-quality Italian leather and handcrafted techniques, your tan leather dress shoes will outlast traditional shoes, making them a great investment for long-term wear. 

Breathability - The last thing you need is for your dress shoes to be hot and stuffy. One big benefit of tan Italian leather dress shoes is their breathability. Italian leather has natural properties that make it lightweight and breathable, ensuring your feet stay fresh all day long. 

Custom fit - As you wear your tan leather dress shoes, the Italian leather will begin to mold and shape to your individual fit, providing you an unparalleled comfort you won’t find in synthetically made shoes. 

Consciously-made - We’re proud that all of our products are made in Italy by artisans that are fairly paid and protected. When you purchase a pair of tan leather dress shoes from Italeau, you can feel confident you’re giving back to communities in need. A portion of our profits go to to provide clean water access to people in need. Like the soles beneath our feet, we value water’s foundational role in our lives.

There are countless benefits to owning a pair of tan leather dress shoes. From their incredible comfort to their handcrafted design, you won’t regret a pair of our Italeau shoes. 


How do you style tan leather dress shoes?

One of the great things about tan Italian leather shoes is their ability to match any style or occasion. With so many ways to style our leather shoes, you’ll have unlimited options for wearing them. Here are a few of our favorite ways you can wear our tan leather shoes: 

With jeans and a blazer - If you’re looking for a stylish business casual outfit, pair our tan leather dress shoes with jeans and a blazer. You’ll be comfortable yet professional.

With black pants - Pair two neutrals together - like tan and black - for a nice pairing of darker tones. This combination works great for transitional outfits in the spring and fall. 

With a skirt - Whether you prefer longer maxi skirts or shorter pencil skirts, you can add our tan leather dress shoes to any spring or summer dress. The mix of textures and patterns will pair perfectly with our shoes. Consider sprucing up the look a bit with some sophisticated yet sexy mules. 

Pair with other earth-tones- Tan goes great with so many colors, including some earthy colors like green, sage or dark grays. You can exude a colorful yet muted vibe when you pair these colors with our tan leather dress shoes. 

With a stylish jumpsuit - Pair one of our slide on tan leather shoes with a trendy jumpsuit to make a comfortable style from top to bottom. Since most jumpsuits also end right at the ankle, your shoes will stand out as a wardrobe statement piece!

With white - Similar to black, pairing your tan leather shoes with a white skirt or pant suit will make your shoes pop and create a summer-made neutral look. 

With so many potential styles and pairings, you’ll be able to wear your tan leather shoes all the time. 


What do women wear with tan leather shoes?

You can wear your tan leather shoes for so many different occasions. From the office to the bar, our tan leather shoes work for so many different occasions and styles. 

If you prefer a more classic look, pair tan leather shoes with simple dark denim jeans or your favorite little black dress. Add a cashmere cardigan for cooler temps, and you’ll have an effortlessly timeless outfit fit for any occasion. Our tan leather shoes will work perfectly with a bespoke pantsuit or blazer. if you're headed to a special occasion or important meeting. 

A fan favorite is our Lisa Mules in tan. Pair these with jeans and let the compliments pour in. 

Whatever the occasion, the versatility of a classic tan leather shoe will work for all of your adventures - no matter the season. 


Can you wear tan shoes any season?

Yes! Tan shoes are a perfect warm neutral that fits with any season or weather. In the fall, pair your tan leather shoes with jeans or pants. Or, opt for a warmer outfit in the spring or summer by pairing our tan leather shoes with shorts, a skirt or a dress. Another reason you can wear our Italeau shoes all year round is because of the waterproof material, which keeps your feet dry and warm no matter the temperature. 


Why do women love neutral color dress shoes?

There’s nothing worse than having a pair of shoes that only match with one or two colors. That’s not the case with our tan dress shoes. With their neutral color and classic style, our tan leather dress shoes will pair perfectly with any color, opening up a world of options and occasions to wear them. You’ll be able to rotate these classic tan shoes across seasons, getting extended wear out of them. 


When is the best time to wear tan colors?

Thanks to its versatility, you can wear tan shades  any time of year. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear your tan leather shoes throughout the year: 

Spring - Try our Mara Flexlite Flats with a floral skirt and a button-down blouse for a flirty spring look. Pastels like pink and lavender will compliment your tan shoes for a spring look that is sure to turn heads. 

Summer - Slide on our Giorgia slides this summer with a pair of your favorite denim shorts. You’ll be comfortable and stylish in the summer heat. White and tan is a classic combination that will have you ready to head to the beach this summer.

Fall - Pair our Flexlite Flats with a soft cardigan sweater and slacks for an office-ready transitional style. Tan looks great with fall tones like orange and brown as well.

Winter - Your toes will stay warm and dry in our Cecile Mules this winter. With their vibrant tan color, you can pair them with jeans or slacks and look stylish in cooler temperatures. 

Tan never goes out of style, making it a year-round addition to your wardrobe. Plus, most of our shoes are available in an array of colors. Choose the styles you love the most and stock up!


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Are tan leather shoes trendy right now?

From slide-on mules to comfortable ballet flats, tan leather shoes are enjoying a moment at the forefront of fashion. While leather has been the predominant choice for high-end shoes for decades, they have stayed popular thanks to their versatility and durability. As designs and styles have shifted, tan leather shoes remain a stylish shoe choice. Plus, at Italeau, we are always adapting our styles and releasing designs that are relevant to today’s styles. Check out our collection of influencer ready Italian Sneakers.


How durable are handmade women’s shoes? How long can leather dress shoes last?

It’s frustrating to replace your favorite pair of shoes after only a short time of wearing them. If you haven’t discovered the difference in a handmade pair of shoes, you’ll be shocked by their durability. Handmade women’s shoes are known to last for decades, making them a practical and cost-efficient way to buy shoes. With the proper care and maintenance, you can keep your leather shoes looking brand new throughout the years. Italian leather is incredibly tough yet also soft and comfortable. This unique combination of natural qualities makes it a perfect material to create our leather shoes. 

Another important fact about handmade women’s shoes is their fit. Since leather dress shoes will mold and shape to your individual foot, you’ll be able to get additional wear out of them without worrying about their quality or fit declining. 

At Italeau, we employ artisans that utilize shoe making techniques passed down over generations, ensuring the process is authentic and high-quality. It can take up to 60 days to produce a piece of Italian leather, with each step meticulously carried out by Italian artisans. Unlike a factory-made shoe, you’ll notice incredible stitching, design and materials, resulting in a long-lasting product you can enjoy for years to come. 


Why is being waterproof important for tan leather shoes?

With most leather shoes, water can damage the leather texture and surface, making them stretched out and damaged. However, our leather shoes are waterproof, ensuring that water won’t permeate the tan leather and ruin your Italeau shoes.  

Thanks to our waterproofing process, you’ll be able to enjoy your tan leather shoes for an extended period of time while feeling confident the protective shield will keep the leather intact and looking fresh. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wearing your shoes in inclement weather. No matter rain, snow, sleet or sun, our Italeau shoes are protected and ready to carry you through life.

Having waterproof shoes is important to the comfort and maintenance of your shoes. Shoes that aren’t waterproof have more restrictions, limiting the times you can wear them. Don’t be held back by non-waterproof leather. Our tan leather shoes can be worn during any season or time of year, and for any occasion. If you’re going to make the investment in a handmade pair of Italian leather shoes, make sure they’re durable enough to withstand the elements — like our Italeau shoes.


Why do women like wearing tan leather dress shoes?

There are countless reasons that women have made tan leather dress shoes a staple in their wardrobe. It’s versatility, comfort and classic style make it a popular choice across generations. We’ve incorporated some modern features into our shoes to make our tan leather dress shoes incredibly comfortable and wearable, like Flexlite technology to offer lasting comfort for all of our customers. The cushioned memory foam insole with arch support allows the shoe to mold to your feed and provide unparalleled style and comfort. 

Women also can enjoy wearing our tan leather dress shoes for any occasion. Dress them up by pairing them with a high-end dress or skirt. Or, put a casual look together with your favorite pair of denim jeans and a sweater. You can’t go wrong wearing tan leather dress shoes — that’s why they’ve been at the forefront of fashion for decades. 


What makes leather & suede the perfect material for tan shoes for women?

Leather has been used to make durable and long-lasting shoes for centuries, with leather shoes being found in a cave that dated back 5,500 years. While using leather or suede isn’t a new phenomenon, today’s techniques have advanced to create a product that offers the ultimate comfort and durability. Handmade utilizing authentic shoe making techniques, our Italeau Italian leather and suede shoes are built for optimal comfort and impeccable durability. 

If you’ve never owned a pair of leather or suede shoes, here are some of the reasons we think the material is perfect for our tan shoes. 

Durability -  Your shoes are meant to protect you and carry you through your world. The more durable, the better. Our leather and suede is durable enough to withstand a variety of surfaces and environments, making it the perfect tough yet comfortable material.

Easy to repair - If something happens and you need to repair your shoe, don’t fret. Leather and suede are easily repairable due to their natural qualities. Synthetic materials can’t do that. 

Natural - Leather and suede are natural materials that produce high-quality shoes. 

Water resistant - Our shoes are specifically treated to be water resistant, so you can wear your shoes without worrying about water damage.

Breathability - Nothing is worse than a hot, sweaty shoe that offers no circulation to your feet. Leather, while sturdy, is incredibly breathable. This keeps odors away and your feet cool. 

Because of these qualities, leather and suede is a perfect material for shoes. Try out a pair and see for yourself the difference between handmade leather and suede shoes compared to the synthetic, factory-made option.


How to care for & clean your luxury tan leather shoes:

Once you purchase a pair of tan leather shoes, it’s important to take proper care to maintain them so they stay fresh year after year. While our shoes are waterproof and stain resistant, we still recommend cleaning your shoes every 1-3 months to keep them looking new and the leather in good shape. 

To clean your shoes, we suggest the following steps: 

Brush off any dirt or debris -  First, take your tan leather shoe and clean off any noticeable dirt or debris on the shoe — both on the exterior and the sole of the shoe. You can use a soft rag or brus