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Suede Booties Made in Italy


Are you looking for the ultimate on-the-go shoe handmade with care and built to last for the long run? Our collection of waterproof suede boots is the perfect blend of comfort and utility, designed to keep you dry, warm and stylish in any occasion. Dress them up, or pair them with a casual outfit — their versatility is endless. 

This timeless style has evolved over the years but remained a great addition to any wardrobe thanks to its effortless design and versatility.  Our booties are made with smart suede that’s waterproof and stain resistant, providing you protection and comfort all day. 


Handmade Italian Suede Boots & Booties


Like all of our shoes, we’ve partnered with expert artisans in Italy to create beautiful, comfortable, lasting suede boots that are made to perform — no matter where the day takes you.

Keep reading to learn more about Italian suede boots and what sets ours apart from the rest. 


How are Italian suede booties made?

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Italian suede boots, you might be surprised to learn exactly how they’re made. Our Italeau suede booties are handmade in Italy, honing the traditional craft of shoemaking passed down by Italian artisans for generations. At Italeau, all of our products are consciously created with our environment in mind. As citizens of the world, we have a duty to care for our fellow human beings. As such, we manufacture our product in Italy, where craftsmen are fairly paid and protected. 

Italian suede is a unique material due to its texture and durability. Suede, in particular, is made by applying an abrasive to the surface of the animal hide to give it its soft and fuzzy texture. The term "suede" is French and means "of Sweden" or "Swedish leather." The material was first used in Sweden and then made its way to France in the last 18th century, where it grew in popularity. Originally designers only used the fabric for gloves. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that suede became popular in shoes as a high-end fashion symbol.

While it’s evolved today, Italian shoemaking dates back to the 15th century. To a shoe by hand, there are several steps involved:

Measurement of material: The first step in hand making a shoe is measuring the material. Our Italeau shoes are made with high-quality Italian suede that will mold and shape to the wearer's foot. This suede is soft and resistant, providing a comfortable fit while also being waterproof and stain resistant. 

Assemble the bottom of the shoe: Many shoemaking artisans will start with the base of the shoe, otherwise known as the sole. Since this is how the shoe gets its physical base, it can be helpful to start there and work up. The sole of our Italeau suede ankle boots has a crepe sole with traction, ensuring you feel sturdy and supported any time you put them on. 

Pattern cutting:  Once the base and sole of the shoe have been assembled, it’s time to cut the fabric to form the sides and exterior. These specific cuts are aligned perfectly with the shoe’s style and design, ensuring all the pieces will come together in synergy.  

Assembling the shoe: Once the suede has been cut, it can be sewn to the foundation. Artisans will meticulously stitch each piece, creating a high-quality product that can’t be replicated in a factory. 

Inspection and packaging: From there, it’s time to inspect the shoe to ensure there are no imperfections and the design has been followed appropriately. This quality check is finished by packaging the shoe and preparing it to send to its owner.

These steps can vary by design and style but always involve a handmade process that is completed by trained artisans. 


What can you expect from suede booties made in Italy?

Suede ankle boots are a classic fashion piece that never goes out of style. But, handmade suede booties from Italy offer features you won’t find in your traditional ankle bootie. Not all suede booties are made the same, though. Using techniques passed down through generations of Italian artisans, we make our shoes to stand out from the crowd. 

When you purchase an Italeau suede ankle bootie, you can expect: 

Premium suede for long-lasting durability - Italian suede is one of the highest-quality materials for footwear, creating a shoe that is incredibly soft yet durable. Additionally, since all of our products are made in Italy, we have access to some of the world’s best tanneries which give our Italian craftsman some of the finest suede for our product. 

Handcrafted to perfection - Since local Italian artisans handcrafted our shoes, our suede booties are impeccably made, meaning you get a one-of-a-kind high-quality luxury goods. Using techniques passed down from generations, you can ensure our suede booties are made with care and precision. 

Consciously made - Our Italian suede booties are made by fairly paid and protected craftsmen who hone in on the art of shoemaking. Also, a portion of Italeau proceeds go to — an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives worldwide through access to safe water and sanitation.

Our Italeau shoemakers are known for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and use of premium materials, and their shoes are highly sought after by fashion-conscious consumers around the world.


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Are handcrafted suede ankle boots worth the initial investment?

With their incredible quality, durability and fair pricing, we believe that handcrafted suede ankle boots made in Italy are worth the investment. In exchange, you’ll get a timeless shoe that is made to be enjoyed for years. 

Here are some things to consider when deciding if suede ankle boots are worth the investment: 

Durability - While suede isn’t as durable as Italian leather, with proper care and treatment, your suede ankle booties can last for several years. Plus, our suede ankle booties are waterproof and stain resistant, ensuring they can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. 

Comfort - We believe that a shoe cannot be truly luxurious if it isn't fully functional. We design each pair of shoes with a supportive shape and memory foam insoles to offer the ultimate luxury of comfort all day long.

Style - Unlike other fleeting fashion trends, suede ankle booties are a timeless piece of footwear that isn’t going out of style any time soon. You’ll be able to wear them year after year without worrying about the latest trend. 

Cost - Any handmade luxury clothing item is considered an investment in your wardrobe. While they are more expensive than other everyday clothing items, their quality speaks for itself. When properly cared for, they are designed to last a lifetime and have been timeless pieces of clothing across generations. 

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will last a long time, provide ultimate comfort and pair well with any outfit, invest in a pair of suede booties. You won’t regret it.


How do you choose the right style of suede ankle boot?

There are so many different styles and types of suede ankle boots available to women. There are a few things to consider when picking the style for you. 

Lifestyle - If you’re always on the go, you want a shoe that can also fit your busy lifestyle. Our suede boots are the perfect combination of luxury and utility, giving you a shoe that fits any occasion or lifestyle. 

Climate - Depending on where you live, you might want a boot that offers more insulation or protection. Make sure you consider whether you want to invest in a waterproof suede boot since many suede shoes aren’t waterproof and can easily get damaged in water.

Budget - Do you want a shoe that you can wear for several years but might pay more? While synthetic suede boots are more affordable, they also aren’t as durable or comfortable. 

Ultimately, the right style of boot for you will depend on your personal style and preference. Try on different styles of our suede boots to see what feels comfortable and looks great on you.


How do women style waterproof booties?

Whether you’re heading to the library or off to a local restaurant, waterproof suede ankle boots are a classic staple for women. While they can add comfort and style to any outfit, they are a great transitional piece to keep in your wardrobe. Plus, thanks to their waterproof suede material, you don’t have to worry about damaging them in the water. 

Here are a few ways you can style suede ankle boots: 

Skinny jeans that fall above your ankle - Suede ankle booties and skinny jeans are a match made in heaven. Pair with dark denim and a comfortable sweater for a cozy outfit that will keep you warm and dry no matter the weather. 

Tucked into skinny jeans - If your skinny jeans are longer, you can tuck your jeans into the suede ankle bootie to create a seamless look. This style is great for colder temperatures where you’d rather not have skin showing. 

Paired with a dress or skirt - Our ankle booties work perfectly with a dress or skirt of any length, giving you an elevated and comfortable shoe for wherever your day takes you. 

With leggings - Turn your leggings into casual everyday attire with a pair of ankle boots. Whether your leggings hit above the ankle, or you tuck them into the bootie, they’ll look perfect with our suede ankle boots. 

With slacks - Our high-quality boots work perfectly with high-quality slacks for a business professional look. You’ll look put together while keeping your feet warm — it’s a win-win style!

Summer shorts - Believe it or not, you can pair suede booties with a pair of shorts for a simple summer look.  Wear them with shorts and a simple t-shirt for a casual and comfortable warm-weather outfit. 

With leather - What pairs great with suede? More leather. Layer on a black leather jacket with denim for a rock-and-roll style that is sure to turn heads. 

Mix and match textures - Pair your suede boots with other textures to create a dimensional and visually interesting look.

While these are just some of our favorite ways to style suede ankle boots, they are a truly versatile footwear option that looks great with multiple styles, colors and seasons. 


Are ankle boots still in style?

Yes! Ankle boots are still very much in style. As a timeless and versatile piece of footwear, you can wear suede ankle boots in a variety of settings, whether you need formal footwear for the office or a casual boot to run errands. Plus, with their versatility, they can be paired with several different pieces of clothing, like denim, skirts, dresses, or suits.


Are all suede booties from Italeau waterproof?

Yes! We wanted to create a suede bootie that can be worn every day, in all weather, without worry. That’s why all of our suede booties are waterproof and leather lined, ensuring that you’ll be protected in rain, snow, sleet or sun. Unlike other suede that can easily get damaged or ruined in water, Italeau booties can withstand moisture, making them a great investment in your wardrobe. 


Can suede ankle boots be worn in snow?

While you shouldn’t wear some styles and types of suede ankle booties in the snow, our Foliana booties are made for all weather! Since they are waterproof with superior traction, you can rest assured that our suede booties for women will keep you dry and warm in the snowy winters and cold temperatures.  


Do suede ankle boots break in? How long do they take to break in?

While suede is incredibly soft and pliable, it requires some breaking in like other types of shoes. The process can take a few days to a few weeks, but they will offer an incredible fit just to your foot once fully worn in. 

Since our Italeau shoes are made with high-quality Italian suede, they will start to soften and fit like a glove after continuous wear. To start breaking your shoes in, here are some tips and tricks we suggest as you follow to reach the most comfortable fit possible. 

Start slowly - While it might be tempting to wear them all day, start slowly and wear your new suede boots for a few hours at a time. You want to avoid any blisters or sores, so start by wearing the shoes for only a few hours each day. This can be just around the house, or on quick errands that are only a few hours. 

Add some warmth - To speed up the process, you can add some light heat to your shoes. Since leather begins to adapt and mold to your foot quicker when it’s warmed up, gently blow the hair dryer over your shoe before wearing. This will help break down the leather so it molds to your foot faster. Also, avoid keeping your shoes in a cold room. 

Use a stretch spray for suede - There are products designed specifically for stretching out suede quickly. If you opt to try this method, you’ll spray the shoe and then walk around in it. The fabric spray will help loosen the shoe and speed up the process. 

Double up on your socks - If you’re nervous to spray any material on your shoe, you can always double up on thick socks and then walk around the house for a few hours to start breaking them in.  This is a convenient and easy way to break in your new shoes.

Use shoe trees or stuff the shoe - When you’re not wearing the shoe, adding shoe trees can help stretch the shoe out and maintain its shape. This will help prevent the leather from cracking or curling. 

There are also a few things we suggest you avoid when breaking in your shoes to ensure you end up with the ultimate fit: 

Don’t soak your shoes - Some suggest soaking your shoes in water to break them in or even wearing them with wet socks. However, this can damage the Italian leather and won’t help the process of breaking them in.  

Don’t add too much heat - While some light heat from a blowdryer is okay, putting them by the fire or leaving them in the sun can cause them to dry out. The long-term effects of adding heat will shorten the lifespan of your shoe and decrease the quality of the leather. 

Don’t immediately wear them on a long trip - The last thing you want is to get blisters and sores from your brand-new shoes. Start with shorter periods and then work up to the longer all-day trips. 

Avoid any drastic tactics like sticking them in the freezer or in the washing machine - This bad advice will only result in your new shoes being damaged. 

Suede is a pliable and adaptable material that will adjust as you wear it regularly. The more you wear them, the more they become fit for your particular foot and offer unparalleled comfort. By taking the time to break in your new cute leather shoes properly, you’ll get to enjoy a glove-like fit for years to come. 


How to care for & clean your suede ankle boots:

With proper care and cleaning, your suede ankle booties will last several years. But it’s important to follow the correct steps and care instructions to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear. As a luxury product, we recommend taking the time to clean your suede shoes about once a month to prevent the build-up of dirt or debris.

While suede is a bit more fragile than Italian leather, our Italeau boots are waterproof and follow a different cleaning procedure than traditional suede. Here is a step-by-step outline of what we recommend to clean your suede ankle boots: 

Brush off any loose dirt - To start, clean off any noticeable dirt or debris on the shoe. Take a soft-bristled brush and lightly brush in the direction of the grain to get the dirt off. Since suede has a specific texture to it, don’t brush too hard to damage the surface. 

Treat any stains - While our suede booties are stain resistant, it’s possible with heavy wear to get a scuff or deeper stain. To remove set-in stains, you can use a stain eraser and apply pressure to the area. Another home option for treating stains is using rubbing alcohol or white vinegar onto a washcloth. 

Apply protectant -  Suede protectant is a unique formula that will keep your shoes protected between cleans. It’s usually sold online in the form of a spray can, with one can lasting dozens of cleanings. To apply, spray the shoe, and let it absorb for a few minutes. Then, gently rub the conditioner into the suede with a brush. 

Dry - Once you’ve fully cleaned and protected your shoe, let it dry for several hours so the material can settle and dry. 

Outside of regular cleanings, there are some other tips and tricks we recommend to help keep your suede boots in great condition for several years.

When you’re not wearing your suede booties, keep them away from extreme temperatures. A cool, dry place is the best option. Adding newspaper or cloth to the shoe when you’re not wearing them can help them keep their shape. Condition regularly to prevent the suede from drying out over time, apply a suede conditioner regularly to keep the suede soft and supple. 

Once you purchase your suede booties, it can be helpful to invest in some tools that will help you keep your shoes clean and protected. A suede brush, suede eraser and suede cleaner can come in handy once you own a pair of suede booties. These tools can ensure you’re cleaning the shoe properly and without damaging it.

With proper care and cleaning, your suede ankle booties will be a long-lasting addition to your wardrobe. 



Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


A combination of luxury materials and cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.


Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


We pair luxury materials with cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.

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