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I love my Favola Booties. The neutral color goes with everything. They are comfortable and waterproof. Italeau is a 5-star Company. - Lisa G.

The perfect chunky sole, slender profile, rich color, and waterproof durability! Comfy with support from day one. Feel like a stylish and practical Italian girl! - Kimber H.

Fantastic shoes, perfect for every occasion especially for work. Excellent design and the shoes are comfortable, soft, and fit true to size. What I love most is that they are waterproof and rain does not damage the suede. - Emily K.

These are top quality-made booties with the added benefit of great style. This is my fave pick to wear with jeans especially during winter and the rainy season when I definitely need waterproof shoes. Great purchase. - Allyson L.

Women's Italian Leather Booties & Ankle Boots


Waterproof boots are more often than not made with heavy, ugly materials which enable your feet to stay dry in the wettest weather. These are rarely seen in the city and are more likely to be worn in the damp countryside or in the snowy mountains. Fortunately, Italeau has perfected a stylish, waterproof, urban range of Italian leather boots and booties for those who prefer life in the city. These handcrafted, best-selling ankle boots are made of waterproof and stain-resistant Italian suede, and are functional, comfortable, and timeless. For extra warmth, a number of these waterproof booties have been lined with genuine shearling and for extra fun, they come in all different colors.


Women's Waterproof Italian Leather Ankle Boots


How are Italian leather booties made?


The best leather ankle boots are made exclusively by experienced artisans in the heart of Italy. They source the highest quality calf leather, which is hand- sewn from sole to lining, using traditional methods that ensure these booties have a long lifetime of wear.


What can you expect from waterproof booties made in Italy?


Take a luxurious Italian-made bootie - then transform it into a fully functional, endlessly comfortable, weather resistant and consciously crafted wardrobe essential. That’s what you can expect from Italeau’s line of leather ankle boots, and from every style of their Italian shoes for women.

How do you style Italian leather booties?

Real Italian leather ankle boots, also known as booties, are one of the easiest styles of leather boots to wear, and there are countless fashionable ways to pair them. Pointed toe or rounded toe, tall shaft or short shaft, smooth leather or suede, block heel, or crepe sole? There are so many options. To obtain that more groomed look, ankle boots can be worn with a high-quality pair of trousers and a cashmere cardigan, or choose a below-the-ankle model with a pair of tailored pants. For that more casual, cutting-edge look, opt for cropped skinny jeans and a cashmere zip hoodie to pair with your heeled booties. With that shorter length dress or skirt, a tall shaft leather bootie with a pointed toe makes for a more elegant look.


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Are handcrafted leather ankle boots worth the initial investment?


The best Italian shoes for ladies will come with a cost. The sheer luxury of owning such an essential boot will definitely outweigh the initial investment. Leather boots, especially well-made handcrafted ones, are not only timeless and functional, but they are durable enough to last.


Waterproof ankle boots are practical and stylish - the ultimate combo. Waterproof booties can be worn with just about anything, rain or shine. They are versatile, comfortable, and provide a stylish touch to any outfit. However, not all ankle boots for women are created equal. The combination of premium Italian leather and waterproof technology offers a unique and practical solution for those who want to stay stylish even in inclement weather. Let’s explore the benefits of our ankle boots and why Italeau’s selection of waterproof ankle booties for women is superior. 


How are Italian leather booties made?

Handcrafted in the renowned luxury shoemaking region of Le Marche, Italy, our waterproof Italian Leather Shoes are crafted of the highest quality leather. This idyllic countryside region, about three hours outside of Rome, has long served as a national hub for artisanal shoemaking. Each of our shoes is meticulously made by hand, the slow way, with expertise passed down through generations. 

To better understand the time and attention that goes into crafting Italian leather, let’s start at the beginning and discuss the tanning process. 

Pre-tanning - This is the stage where it all begins in which hides are prepped by removing hair and are rehydrated for a number of days. The hides are then split into two or more pieces called sides.

Tanning - In this step, the sides are placed into large vats containing tannins. These all natural mixtures will soak with the hides for up to a few weeks. The hides must be regularly checked on, stirred around and examined during this time to ensure full and even absorption. Hides are next and removed to wring out excess moisture. These hides might also be shaved to desired thickness during this time. 

Dyeing - During this stage, the hides sit in large barrels of their intended colors. This step may be optional, as some leather is used as is right from the tannin vats. This typically results in a pale pink color.

Hot stuffing - The leather might next be hot stuffed. This is the process of stuffing wax into the leather’s core. This inevitably makes the leather more durable and also may add to color richness. 

Drying and staking - Staking is a process that may add to the softness of the leather.

Finishing - The leather may be sprayed a final time with waxes as a protective sealant. 

This labor intensive process is time consuming but ultimately results in a superior product. After these steps are completed and the leather is ready to be crafted into its intended product, it falls into the hands of the skilled artisans that take something so raw and make it beautiful and stylish. These craftsmen and women will take the leather and cut it into a pattern before meticulously hand stitching these pieces together. The final step is to finish the booties. This can include adding any decorative elements, such as zippers, buckles, or laces, and applying a protective coating to the leather to help keep it looking its best.


What can you expect from waterproof booties made in Italy?

You can expect Italeau’s waterproof Italian Leather Ankle Booties to effortlessly take you anywhere you day goes without having to worry. There is no puddle too deep or weather too daunting to take your booties out in. When you invest in waterproof booties made in Italy, you can expect the very best quality, comfort, craftsmanship and style. 

Italian leather and waterproof materials are world renowned for their high quality, durability, and longevity. Waterproof booties made in Italy reflect the old saying, “la bella vita.” This means the beautiful life, or in other words, always go out looking your best. This is apparent with a wide range of fashionable and versatile styles to choose from, you’ll always have something that goes with your outfit. 


What’s the difference between water repellent and waterproof shoes?

The difference between water repellent and waterproof shoes lies in the level of protection. While water repellent shoes offer a bit of protection from moisture, they won't keep your feet dry for long in the rain. Waterproof shoes, however, are designed to keep your feet dry and comfy no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.


Are handcrafted leather ankle boots worth the initial investment?

Grabbing a pair of handcrafted leather ankle boots are totally worth the investment. Not only are they made from quality materials that are known for their durability, comfort, and beauty, but they're also crafted by experts with years of experience in the trade. Plus, these boots are built to last and are often one-of-a-kind with a style that can't be found anywhere else. 


How do you choose the right style of ankle boot?

When it comes to selecting the perfect waterproof ankle boot, it all boils down to your individual style, the event, and the outfit you plan to pair them with. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out the ideal ankle boot:

Occasion: Consider the occasion for which you plan to wear the ankle boots. For example, a pair of sleek and stylish ankle boots like our Favola Booties may be suitable for a night out, while a more casual pair may be better for everyday wear. If your day requires being extra active, consider browsing Italeau’s Italian Leather Sneakers. 

Outfit: Consider the type of outfit you plan to wear the ankle boots with. Ankle boots can be dressed up or down, depending on the style and the materials used. Choose a style that complements the rest of your outfit and makes those legs look va-va-voom. 

Foot shape: Consider the shape of your foot and select a style that is comfortable and offers the ideal amount of support. If you have a wider foot, seek out boots with a roomier toe box, and if you have a narrower foot, look for a more snug fit. If you do have wider feet, consider browsing Italeau’s selection of Italian Leather Loafers or other Italian Leather Flats with roomy toe boxes. 

Heel height: Take into account the heel size of the boot, which can vary from low to high. Opt for a heel height that you can easily manage and is suitable for the event. Italeau’s Federica Boots sport a 2” heel that is perfectly between low and high, making them suitable for almost any occasion while still being comfy. This chic take on a combat boot will be your new closet go-to. 

Choose a style of ankle boot that you feel comfortable and confident in, and that complements your personal style as well as the occasion.


How do women style waterproof booties?

How you choose to style your waterproof ankle boots is up to you, and the beauty of that is you can’t go wrong. It used to be, when you thought “waterproof shoes,” rainboots were the first thing to come to mind. Not anymore. Move over bright yellow, rubber knee-highs… There's new waterproof shoes in town, and they’re cute. Although how you style them is up for interpretation, here are a few ideas:

Pair these with some shearling lined booties and a plain tee. You may feel a breeze where the holes in your pants are, but your feet will be nice and cozy. These booties come in more than 10 colors, giving you the flexibility to style with whatever color pallet you like. 

For a perfect mix of comfy and chic, pair dark colored leggings with waterproof Brienza Boots and an oversized sweater. The gold detail on the back of these boots adds a touch of polish to any casual outfit. 

Favola Boots with a super feminine flowing dress, chef’s kiss. For shorter dresses, consider Italian Leather Sandals & Slides. 


Are ankle boots still in style?

It’s almost impossible to leave the house without seeing someone sporting some leather or suede ankle booties. Timeless, yet trendy… they are only increasing in popularity.


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Why are waterproof booties a wardrobe essential?

Waterproof booties are an absolute wardrobe essential for a variety of reasons. As if their impressive quality and fashion forward designs aren’t reason enough, the fact that all of Italeau’s booties are waterproof and stain resistant means you can carry on with your life… without babying your shoes. As women, we are constantly on the go with a million things to do and places to be, don’t let your shoes hold you back. 


Are waterproof booties also good for snow?

Waterproof booties are sufficient for the snow. If you’re not shopping Italeau, be sure your boots say “waterproof” and not “water resistant” if you plan to wear them in the snow. 


Do leather ankle boots break in? How long does they take to break in?

Leather ankle boots do require a breaking in period. As leather is a natural material, it does need some time to soften and conform to the shape of your foot. When it does, your leather ankle boots will feel like they were made specially for your feet. 


How to care for & clean your leather and suede ankle boots:

Since all of Italeau’s footwear is waterproof, don’t be afraid to grab a damp rag to wipe off excess dirt from your Italian leather or Italian suede booties. Leather conditioner can be used if needed to keep the material supple. 

At Italeau, we believe water is life. That’s why all of our waterproof shoes are crafted to take you to all corners of the Earth, without holding you back. When shopping with Italeau, you not only know you are getting an amazing pair of shoes, but you are also helping provide water to less fortunate communities. We believe conscious actions and mindful practices can make an impact on the world around us. That is why we are a proud partner of in support of their efforts to bring clean drinking water to the developing world. We are proud to say that each time you purchase a piece of Italeau footwear, you provide long-term clean water access for a person in need. 


Are women's ankle boots a wardrobe essential?

Ankle boots are a must-have for every woman's closet, without a doubt. These awesome boots are great because they are stylish, comfortable, and useful. Booties go with every article of clothing, including shorts and dresses. So, if you are not getting the most out of your ankle boots, it is time to find out how versatile they are for your wardrobe.

You should be able to wear good ankle boots with jeans and a t-shirt, a dress, a cute top, pants, etc. A shoe ready to work with a plethora of outfits requires a spot in an essential wardrobe, especially if you want a comfortable shoe ready to protect your feet. Ankle boots are lighter than their tall counterparts, making them an excellent option for all-day wear and walking.


What are ankle boots?

Booties or ankle boots are shorter than calf, knee, or taller boots and should end right at your ankle. Ankle boots, like Chelsea boots, combat boots, and work boots, end one to four inches above your ankle. The main difference between ankle boots and booties is that ankle boots usually end a few inches above the ankle, while booties end right at the ankle. Both are essential for a versatile wardrobe.

Keep in mind, ankle boots can be functional boots or stylish or both. Stylish boots tend to offer beauty over comfort and function. While enjoyable to view but may hurt after an hour. However, with the right Italian ankle boots you can have style, comfort, and function without sacrifice.


Why do women love ankle boots?

Women do not just love ankle boots, they need them! Ankle boots and booties fill in a necessary gap in a woman's wardrobe. Many outfits would look much better with boots, but the bottom of the pants or skirt does not allow for boots crawling up the leg. Enter ankle boots, the flexible boot ready to provide the same ankle protection as tall boots and yet work with outfits tall boots cannot.

Many women simply prefer the look of ankle boots over tall boots as they reduce the amount of coverage for those who tend to overheat quickly. And yet, the boots still provide more coverage than a traditional shoe to keep ankles safe. As boots can make any outfit more appealing with a certain level of sophisticated depth, it's no wonder ankle boots show up on feet everywhere.

Additionally, ankle boots transition well from fall to winter to spring nicely, especially options made of handmade breathable leather. At the end of summer, when it is too hot for tights but not cold enough for sandals, bare legs, and a dress, look great with ankle boots. When it gets a little cooler, just put on a thick pair of tights or tuck your jeans into your boots to stay warm.

As you can see, ankle boots are in style for their usefulness and beauty. The right pair made of fine Italian leather offers a soft, comfortable, and waterproof to rest your feet. You can run in them without breaking your heel (unless you are wearing stiletto boots, of course), and they will not rub like flats can after a long day of walking.

A great pair of ankle boots is one of the few fashion items you can wear year after year, no matter the season. With so many styles of ankle boots, you will surely find a pair perfect for you in colors you love and styles you adore. And once you find your perfect pair, you will wonder how you ever got along without your new favorite footwear.


What does waterproof bootie mean?

By definition, a waterproof boot should not let any water in, even if it is completely submerged. Waterproof boots are usually made of materials that protect from water entering the boot from the sides or bottom. Water can still get in at the opening if not worn correctly or if the booties are too loose. Always get the correct size when you need to seal water away from your feet.

Ankle boots are made of softer materials for added comfort and insulation from the elements. Water-resistant shoes can stand up to 200 millimeters of water pressure, but waterproof shoes should be able to stand up to 1,000 millimeters or more. With this kind of water protection, you should not have to worry about getting your feet wet or damaging your boots as you walk through puddles, deep snow, shallow streams, and other wet places.


What makes a waterproof bootie?

High-quality Italian leather waterproof boots for women have sealed seams to keep water out, perfect for rainy days. Rain boots, muck boots, duck boots, and other waterproof shoes often have rubber outsoles and uppers made of waterproof materials like rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane. These waterproof materials do not have pores, so they tend to be stiff and not as comfortable as canvas, suede, or leather.

In addition, rubber, neoprene, and polyurethane can cause significant skin concerns, especially when in contact with water and skin. Some people are allergic to rubber and its sister synthetic fabrics, such as neoprene. These allergies can lead to foot swelling, hives, fainting, and other serious reactions. However, very few people are allergic to natural leather as it's breathable and made of eco-friendly materials.

Waterproof boots are mostly made of heavy, ugly materials that keep your feet dry even in the rainiest weather. These are not usually worn in the city but in the country or snowy mountains. Italeau makes a stylish line of waterproof Italian leather boots and booties for people who like to live in the city. These best-selling ankle boots are made by hand from Italian waterproof suede.

Our boots do not stain, adding to their functionality, comfort, and timeless appearance. Many of our waterproof booties include real shearling, never synthetic, to create a warmer boot for city dwellers. Take a luxurious bootie made in Italy and turn it into a fully functional, always comfortable, weatherproof, and thoughtfully made wardrobe staple. That is what you can expect from all of Italeau's Italian shoes for women, including their leather ankle boots.


Why is being waterproof important for women's ankle boots?


Your footwear needs to match your destination and the weather conditions. Do not let a little rain, puddles, or snow slow you down, you only need the correct footwear and clothing to accommodate the weather. Waterproof shoes are a great addition to any travel capsule wardrobe, whether hiking or exploring a city in the rain. Walking around in wet footwear takes discomfort to a mucky level, but it's easy to avoid with finely crafted waterproof ankle boots.

How do you style leather ankle boots?

When deciding whether a bootie or an ankle boot is better for your wardrobe, think about the clothes you wear most often and what will look best with them. Whether you want a fun pair of deer-print booties or a pair of black leather ankle boots that you can wear every day, make sure your shoes have the style you want and the arch support you need.

Everyone owns a few outfits they often repeat because they give off the perfect fashionable vibe while still being comfortable. Before long, you will find that your ankle boots will become a favorite to add to your go-to outfits. Waterproof booties will also take you through cold rainy days, unlike any other shoe, as they offer protection.

Italian leather or suede boots pair well with any outfit, from blazers and pants to a summer dress on a cool evening. Also, booties work well for both tall and short women as they accentuate the leg. Short women will especially appreciate the ankle boot's ability to elongate their legs.

Ankle booties are a pair of jean's best friends as they style well with any length, cut, or wash of a pair of denim. Keep in mind the longer the jeans, the lower the bootie, but choose a shoe option with enough heel to keep your pants from breaking your stride. Otherwise, the sky's the limit regarding ankle boots and jeans, including denim skirts.

A cute dress with tights is perfect for any time of year. You can style a dress in so many different ways to work for the occasion. Booties allow you to go seamlessly as you can wear them to the office or happy hour with friends. For this outfit, we would choose a cute dress bootie with a one- to two-inch heel.

Ankle boots made of leather are the best shoes for women to wear to the office. They look great with a wide range of work outfits. Keep things simple by wearing them with a blazer, dress pants, and a button-up shirt. If you like to wear skirts to work, wear a pencil skirt with a tucked-in shirt to show off your leather ankle boots. 

After work, you can easily dress up your look by wearing the same boots. So, if you are going out for drinks after work and want to look less businesslike, just wear your favorite dress or jeans and a T-shirt. Your ankle boots look great with both jeans and dresses, so you have a lot of ways to wear them. Even in casual attire, ankle boots are sophisticated. Try a pair of leather booties with a pair of dark jeans, a casual top, and a warm sweater.


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