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Handcrafted by master artisans in Vicenza, Italy's capital for fine jewelry production since the 14th century.


Handcrafted by master artisans in Vicenza,

Italy's capital for fine jewelry production since the 14th century.


Handcrafted by master artisans inVicenza,

Italy's capital for finejewelryproduction

since the 14th century.


Crafted with the finest Italian silver.


Handcrafted in Italy's capital of fine jewelry.


Luxury quality, without the middleman markup.


Crafted with the finest Italian silver.


Handcrafted in Italy's capital of fine jewelry.


Luxury quality, without the middleman markup.


Crafted with the finest Italian silver.


Handcrafted in Italy's capital of fine jewelry.


Luxury quality, without the middleman markup.


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Italian Silver Jewelry

Silver’s value as a precious metal is historical and like most antique metals has played an important role in human culture, both symbolically and decoratively. It is a soft and pliable metal, though it is slightly less malleable than gold. As well as it's characteristic beautiful, white, high-polished, metallic luster, the name itself has become a recognizable color both in the arts and in fashion palettes.

.925 Silver Jewelry Handcrafted In Italy

What is .925 Italian silver jewelry?

.925 silver, more commonly known as sterling silver, is an alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% additional metals (often copper, nickel, or zinc). Genuine Italian sterling silver is a fantastic metal to wear every day as it has many benefits. It is striking in appearance, versatile, affordable, and extremely durable. Like gold, Italian silver is made by expert silversmith hands which means quality jewelry pieces to wear on all occasions.

What types of italian silver jewelry does Italeau specialize in?

Like Italeau’s stylish 18k gold jewelry collection, its silver jewelry includes a range of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets - from modern, pure .925 Italian silver link chains to dainty pieces decorated with elegant Swarovski crystals or charms - which will accessorize your look day and night and make exceptional gifts all year round.

While often overlooked - silver jewelry is just as elegant and fashionable as gold jewelry. Plus, when you accessorize with Italian silver jewelry, you take elegance to a whole new level. Italeau’s collection of Italian silver jewelry features simple pieces with just enough pop that they are attention-getters with silent beauty. Our collection features jewelry pieces that you will want to wear every day and gift to your friends and loved ones - because you already know just how much they will love them.
Beyond an Italian jewelry company though, Italeau is a company founded by authentic individuals that truly care about the world. On top of delivering quality products, we devote time and resources to giving back to communities and the world.
Italeau believes we are citizens of the world. As a result, there is an innate duty to care for your fellow human beings. This belief has guided our choice to utilize resources to provide water to communities in need and develop our jewelry products in Italy. Craftsmen in Italy have access to protection and are paid fairly. Italeau advocates for a cohesive world. The desire to be cohesive, mindful, and care for one another is present in the Italeau brand’s impact on the world we live in.
When you choose Italeau’s Italian silver jewelry, you are choosing to support mindful production and quality handmade craftsmanship.

Why is silver jewelry a wardrobe essential?

Silver is a very durable metal, which promotes functionality. It can also be mixed and matched with different pieces pretty seamlessly to create an outfit that is classic yet on trend. It's easy to take care of too. Unlike yellow gold, which may need to be polished and cleaned regularly, sterling silver may only need to be cleaned occasionally.
In this day and age of technology, where things are meant to be worn for a season or two and then disposed of, silver jewelry stands out as an investment. It can be worn daily to work or a formal function without looking "tacky" or over the top.
You can absolutely wear gold jewelry with your casual and loungewear pieces. However, there is something inherently more effortless about silver. Therefore it pairs perfectly with the more laidback looks that we all are wearing more and more of these days.
Our collection of silver jewelry is handmade in Italy with premium material transformed into stunning pieces. Take our classic Five Star Crystal Bracelet for example. Crafted with .925 sterling silver with rhodium plating for durability–this bracelet is a staple item that can be dressed up or down. Truly, silver jewelry pieces are classic and timeless regardless of your aesthetic.

What are the benefits of .925 silver jewelry?

Handmade silver jewelry typically uses premium quality materials because they have a rigorous quality standard to uphold. If you have sensitive skin or metal allergies, gold and sterling silver are considered to be the jewelry standard. Italeau’s silver jewelry is crafted with .925 sterling silver. If your silver jewelry piece is confirmed to be made with .925 sterling silver, then you can rest assured knowing that you have a quality piece. This .925 sterling silver is also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.
If you’re someone who struggles with sensitive skin and other metals that irritate you, you may be interested in the silver jewelry options available on Italeau. All Italeau silver jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Pros & Cons of silver jewelry handmade in Italy:

The thought of handmade Italian jewelry likely captures your attention. Whether a window shopper or an avid collector of things you love - fine Italian jewelry is something we all deserve to own. Famous for its impact on gold with history embedded deep in the roots, Vicenza, Italy is the gold jewelry capital. And, it’s no coincidence that this is where Italeau creates exquisite silver jewelry. When you shop Italeau you can access unique and quality silver handmade jewelry with a reasonable price tag, thus allowing you to avoid the cons listed below. When you invest in jewelry you should do some research on the maker behind it to determine its worth and what the pros and cons may be. In general here are some pros and cons that may be associated with handmade jewelry in Italy:
Handmade Italian silver jewelry pros include:
Crafted by hand. Handmade items can be both beautifully made and meaningful. Handmade silver jewelry can have a unique story all its own. Their productions are often inspired by life and the beautiful world around us. This inspiration can impart meaning to their presentation. Handmade Italian bracelets may have unique details all their own, which you cannot easily find in any other mass-produced silver jewelry pieces.
High-quality materials. At Italeau we care about you and the materials you’ll be wearing. That is why our collection of silver jewelry pieces are handmade in Italy. Handmade bracelets from Italy usually have more time put into them and they are often crafted with more durable materials. Meaning you’re likely to be getting a great personal return on your investment.
Prompt and friendly customer service. Prompt customer-friendly service is a staple of handmade jewelry brands. Italeau provides exceptional customer service to our valued clients. We deeply enjoy receiving testimonials from our customers and connecting with our customers to ensure their experience is unforgettable and personalized.
Considering the benefits is always fun! However, learning more about possible cons is also important when making jewelry selections. The cons of handmade Italian silver jewelry can include:
High price point. The Italian government enforces stringent quality measures. Italian jewelry craftsmen tend to produce very high-quality pieces. Pricing can align with quality resulting in a higher price point, especially when compared to non-handmade pieces.
Pre-order wait time. Like most things, beauty and true craftsmanship take time. Handmade Italian silver jewelry may take longer to make, which can mean your pieces may arrive to you later than desired.
Now that you have a better sense of the pros and cons related to handmade silver jewelry from Italy, be sure to review the silver jewelry collection from Italeau. Each piece is crafted with quality materials and chic designs.

How to care for & clean your .925 silver jewelry:

We add jewelry to our collection because we find a connection to those pieces. There is an emotional investment when selecting fine silver jewelry. We want to protect that investment and keep our pieces beautiful for longer. When considering options to care for and clean our favorite pieces of silver jewelry we need to remember a few things.

Caring for .925 silver jewelry.

You may notice a tarnish on your jewelry. Please know that the tarnish on your silver jewelry is very normal. Even the best silver jewelry tarnishes. There is no need to assume the problem is related to the quality of your silver jewelry. If anything, tarnish indicates that your jewelry really is silver!
With the proper care, you can keep your silver jewelry looking new and glimmering just like the day you received it. Here are some possible tips to help you care for your silver jewelry well into the future. Keep reading to learn more about how you can care for and prevent tarnish on your silver jewelry …
Wear your sterling silver jewelry. Seems easy enough! Simply wearing silver jewelry regularly can help keep tarnish at bay. When your piece rubs against your skin, clothing, etc, this contact can mechanically remove tarnish and grime. It won't prevent tarnish, but it can help.
Take your silver jewelry off. Consider taking off your silver jewelry when showering, swimming in a pool or the ocean, and especially when cleaning or doing household chores with harsh chemicals. You may also want to take off your jewelry before applying makeup or skincare products. Before putting your silver jewelry back on, you might also want to wash your hands.
Store your silver jewelry properly. A great method of care is to store your sterling silver jewelry in a container or jewelry pouch that is dry, relatively small, and doesn't allow free-flowing air to pass through it. You can also include some humidity-absorbing sachets in the jewelry container. This will help to slow down the tarnish further.
Create a cleaning routine for your silver jewelry. Having a cleaning and tarnish removal routine can really make a big difference. Having the routine will help keep tarnish to a minimum by targeting buildup and making your silver jewelry easier to clean and less prone to damage.
Silver tarnish is almost impossible to avoid. The good news is that you can make a big difference in how bad the tarnish gets and you can clean your silver to bring it back to its sparkling best.

Cleaning your .925 silver jewelry.

Okay, as we suggested before, tarnish is nearly impossible to avoid. So, cleaning your silver pieces definitely won't remove ALL tarnish from your jewelry. Starting your cleaning routine with a gentle, fragrance-free soap diluted in warm water is highly recommended. Cleaning your silver pieces will help to remove dust and grime, which will not only make your jewelry look better but also make it much easier to remove the tarnish lurking underneath the grime.
Silver is a soft metal, so you should take a bit more care with cleaning it. Never use harsh cleansers such as baking soda or toothpaste. They may remove some of the metal over time.
When cleaning, you can use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the silver in a specified silver cleaning solution, which can be available at your local drugstore. You can also use a soft-bristled brush if needed, but be careful not to scuff or scratch the surface, especially with shiny pieces. You may want to rinse your silver jewelry in soap and water at the end of your cleaning process to help remove any chemical residue left behind. Then dry your pieces quickly and thoroughly with another clean, soft cloth.
The process may seem tedious, but well worth your time to preserve your beautiful silver jewelry pieces.

How do you style silver jewelry?

There’s certainly no better time than the present to indulge in the elegance of silver jewelry. Read on to discover a few inspired ways to style and wear your silver jewelry.
Silver Earrings. While the gold hoop earrings will always have a special place in our hearts, silver-toned earrings feel so refreshing. Have fun pairing your silver earring with oversized styles or test out unique silhouettes for an edgy feel.
Silver Necklaces. Thanks to our favorite Olympic athletes, we may consider silver to be synonymous with second place. However, our silver necklaces and chains will always be first in our hearts! You add some artistic flair by wearing a shiny, bold jacket paired with our Oval Necklace that would certainly prove to be a glamorous winner. Take notes and pile on the necklaces for a layering effect.
Silver Bracelets. You can deck your wrists with dazzling silver trinkets as well. The Silver Chain Link Bracelet is a great base. Pro tip: Find a crystal bracelet to instantly intensify the glamorous effect.
Did any of these suggestions fit your personal style? If not, look at Italeau’s complete silver jewelry collection. Find inspiration and play around with the textures that best reflect your unique, one-of-a-kind vibe.

Can you wear silver jewelry any season?

Many believe gold jewelry goes hand in hand with the summer season. I mean, you really can’t beat the twinkling gold with the summertime glow! However, why limit yourself to gold and just one season?
Silver jewelry has reached staple status years ago. Because of this, silver jewelry doesn't always dominate the latest seasonal trend forecasts noted in magazine columns or on social media. With the less-noted silver jewelry references, you can be left wondering if silver is acceptable for any season. Let's set the record straight.
Silver jewelry can be incredibly versatile and timeless. Silver jewelry styling follows simple, classic, and refined designs with some twists depending on the season and trends. There are so many ways you can style silver jewelry as an everyday staple or as fine jewelry. No matter the season, silver jewelry can be the right move.
Interested in adding silver jewelry to your collection, regardless of the season, look through the handmade silver jewelry options available on Italeau.

Why do women love .925 jewelry?

Women know their worth and appreciate quality. Real sterling silver can be the true desire for any woman's staple jewelry piece. Sterling silver can be quite valuable and well worth the expense, particularly if you prefer wearing silver-colored jewelry. Sometimes it really does come down to preference. Silver can be very beautiful against cool-toned skin, but also incredibly elegant against warmer tones or in contrast with vivid colors. If properly maintained and worn frequently, sterling silver .925 jewelry is a very durable metal that won’t likely tarnish, turn black, or become green.
Ultimately, women appreciate .925 silver jewelry for its quality materials, durability, and refined aesthetic. Find more to love and appreciate by selecting a silver jewelry piece from Italeau’s collection.

When is the best time to wear silver jewelry?

Similar to being able to wear silver jewelry during any season, you can also wear your silver jewelry at any time. It really is subject to your personal preference. Even if you’re feeling like presenting more casually, you can add a simple, classic silver piece to bring a little sparkle and confidence. Silver jewelry can be your best friend when needing to style your outfit to go from daytime to evening. Stack up your silver bracelets with crystals and some gorgeous silver earrings. You’re all set. Ready for date night or grabbing cocktails with your besties?
Ultimately, the only rule is that there are no rules. If you feel like wearing your silver jewelry, embrace that feeling. Your silver jewelry is there to highlight your natural beauty and help you channel your best self. Italeau silver jewelry designs are provided with the intention to bring out your natural beauty while also honoring the beauty of the world. Italeau brings gorgeous silver jewelry regardless of the season.
Find your next staple silver piece from Italeau’s handmade collection from Italy.

Is sterling silver jewelry trendy right now? What kinds of silver jewelry are in style?

Sterling silver is a quiet trendsetter. As a timeless staple, silver jewelry is always taking the stage so covertly. Striking link necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have been very popular with fashion lovers.
Whether you’re throwing on your favorite lounge set to grab coffee with a friend or slipping into something more formal, accessorizing with your favorite silver jewelry piece is a simple yet chic way to complete any look. Curious about the most popular silver jewelry trends happening right now? Trend forecasters are envisioning these silvers trends are expected to hold strong:
Chain Reaction. Chain link bracelets and necklaces provide an effortlessly chic element to black-tie attire and casual outfits alike. Silver jewelry with small, tight links are great for formal events, while chunky, larger links add a sophisticated aspect to more casual apparel and loungewear.
Stacked and Layered. Sometimes more is more! Stacking silver bracelets together and layering silver necklaces is the perfect way to express your individual style while still keeping up with the latest jewelry trends. You can even try mixing metals in a playful way by stacking a dainty rose gold chain link bracelet with Italeau’s Crystal Bracelet for a playful combination.
Charmed, I’m Sure. Adored by all ages, simple silver charm bracelets and necklaces make for an excellent gift for your sister, best friend, mom, aunt, grandma, and anyone in between.
If you need help selecting the perfect jewelry piece for yourself or someone special in your life, also check out our collection of Italian gold jewelry.

How durable is sterling silver jewelry?

We can appreciate sterling silver for its beauty and elegance. In regards to durability, we might wonder how it stands up. Sterling silver jewelry is an excellent, high-quality choice in most circumstances. The metal generally can not rust or perish, plus if you look after your jewelry it will look great well into the future. You should even be able to pass your silver jewelry on to future generations.

What other types of jewelry does Italeau specialize in?

Italeau provides a gorgeous collection of handmade silver jewelry made of quality .925 sterling silver. However, they also have an equally gorgeous collection of handmade gold jewelry options. The Italeau gold jewelry is also handmade, made of .925 sterling silver, and 18k gold plating. Regardless of the type of jewelry, Italeau’s jewelry products are made with quality materials and gorgeous Italian designs.
Curious to see more from Italeau? Look through their jewelry collections yourself. Find your perfect handmade jewelry piece today. When you choose Italeau’s Italian silver jewelry, you are choosing to support mindful production and quality handmade craftsmanship. Want more handcrafted Italian pieces you’ll love for years to come? Shop other Italeau best sellers.

What does sterling silver mean? What is considered .925 jewelry?

The hallmark .925 indicates that the silver jewelry is made with 92.5% silver, with additional materials such as copper accounting for the remaining 7.5%. The pure form of silver is so delicate that it must be combined with other, harder metals in order to create jewelry that will last.
You know you have a fine piece of silver when it has the ‘925’ stamp. Italeau’s silver jewelry collection is all made with .925 sterling silver to provide quality and durability.

What makes .925 sterling silver the perfect material for jewelry?

Apart from sterling silver being beautiful to look at, .925 sterling silver is the standard for jewelry. When the silver plating on copper or brass pieces wears off, the metal underneath becomes dull and may turn brown or gold. This isn’t ideal. For those of us who want our jewelry to last and have intrinsic value, sterling silver is a great option. Silver is, after all, a valuable metal so it can be a wise investment.
Because of its durability and beauty, .925 sterling silver has been used for centuries to craft everything from engagement rings to necklaces. Silver is a beautiful precious metal. It shines, it’s durable, and it won’t drive you crazy if you scratch it. It’s comfortable, versatile, and easy to style for any occasion.
For .925 sterling silver jewelry options, the Italeau handmade silver jewelry collection provides quality with beautiful craftsmanship.