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100% Pure Italian Cashmere Wraps & Ponchos


The wrap is a long piece of fabric, not unlike a blanket, and often without a particular structure, allowing the wearer freedom to style it over their outfits exactly how they desire. The poncho, of South American origin, was worn around the shoulder or around the lower body for protection while horse riding. Nowadays, it is more likely to be sleeveless and worn over the neck. Italeau’s cashmere ponchos sport a boatneck, are available in long or short sizes and although light, they are cozy and warm and perfect for daytime or evening. The 100% Italian-made cashmere wraps, on the other hand, can be worn all year round, enveloping the upper body in their luxurious softness.


Best Luxury Cashmere Wraps - Authentic

What makes a luxury cashmere wrap?

Cashmere by nature is a luxury fabric that has been gently wrapping and weaving its magic for thousands of years. Cashmere wraps are authentically made in Italy, and this, combined with how warm they keep you, makes them utterly sumptuous.

Why are cashmere wraps & cashmere ponchos great wardrobe accessories?

Cashmere comes from long, natural fibers which, when woven, create luxurious cashmere accessories for every woman’s wardrobe. Since they get softer with age, cashmere wraps and ponchos are a perfect, timeless essential to match with any outfit the whole year through.

How do you style Italian-made cashmere wraps?

Whether you're pairing it with a casual day look or aiming to get dressed up for a night out, there are many ways to wear a cashmere wrap. Try draping the wrap around your neck so that it hangs perfectly symmetrically, over one shoulder, or even over the head to create that veiled extra layer of warmth. Match it with an elegant blouse and pants with leather flats or simply grab your favorite jeans and t-shirt with ankle boots. As an alternative to simple draping, why not try the poncho style and make a bold statement, or layer it with a super soft cashmere sweater or cashmere cardigan by draping, wrapping or tying.

It’s no surprise that cashmere wraps have been a wardrobe favorite for decades. While they’re incredibly soft and comfortable, their versatility has made this cozy piece of outerwear a great addition and investment for years of wear. 

Whether you’re hopping on a plant or heading out to a romantic dinner, our Italian cashmere wraps add timeless elegance to any outfit. Are you interested to learn more about Italian cashmere? Read on for some little-known facts about our product. 


What makes Italian cashmere wraps so great?

While cashmere has always been a luxury textile, Italian cashmere elevates this fabric to another level. Italian cashmere’s roots date back to the 18th and 19th centuries when upper-class members of society would drape Italian cashmere wraps over their shoulders. Today, Italy is one of the top places for cashmere, thanks to its unique knitting techniques and high-quality spinning process.


How do you style a cashmere poncho or wrap?

One of the biggest benefits of cashmere ponchos or wraps is their incredible versatility. They can dress up any outfit or offer everyday warmth. Instead of a large coat, a cashmere wrap can be worn over a formal gown or dress to provide warmth while staying stylish. You’ll stay warm without hiding your outfit. A loose-fitting cashmere poncho can offer a flattering contrast to tight denim jeans. Add some boots, and you’ll pull off a stylish look with minimal effort. Throw a cashmere poncho over your button-down collared shirt for a smart and polished style. The collar popping out of the cashmere wrap will offer structure to the outfit. You can style your poncho or wrap without even leaving the house. Wear your poncho while lounging around the house or cozied up by the fire for added comfort. 


Are cashmere wraps made in Italy better?

Italy is known as a center of excellence when it comes to cashmere production. While it is a luxury textile, it is also a durable product which makes it an excellent choice for outerwear like wraps and ponchos. Unlike cashmere from other areas of the world, the cashmere spun in Italy is made with the highest-quality materials and sophisticated spinning techniques. 

If you’re shopping for Italian cashmere, make sure to confirm on the tag that the product is, in fact, 100% cashmere made in Italy and not a blend. 


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Are Italian-made cashmere wraps and ponchos worth the investment?

Italian-made cashmere products are luxury clothing items that should be considered an investment in your wardrobe. While they are more expensive than other everyday clothing items, their quality speaks for itself. When properly cared for, they are designed to last a lifetime and have been timeless pieces of clothing across generations. 

Our Italian-made cashmere wraps and ponchos are high-quality products that keep you warm throughout the seasons, adding comfort and elegance to any outfit. Because of this, we think it’s an excellent investment. 


What makes cashmere made in Italy perfect for ponchos?

Italy has perfected the technique of making cashmere yarn and transforming it into stunning clothing. Italian cashmere offers unparalleled softness and comfort through century-old processes, making it a perfect textile for ponchos. Since it is not a blend and has no synthetic materials in it, it is the purest kind of cashmere. The Italian cashmere used to make Italeau ponchos and wraps are lightweight yet warm. Thanks to their expert craftsmanship, they are high-quality clothing items made with care. 


Are cashmere wraps warm?

Cashmere wraps are an incredibly warm clothing item to keep on hand for the cooler months. Cashmere wraps are up to 8 times warmer than the average sheep wool wraps. Did you know that cashmere wraps have natural insulation properties that keep the heat locked in? By some estimates, cashmere wraps insulate three times better than wool, making it extremely warm. 


What do you wear under a cashmere poncho?

Depending on the temperature and occasion, there are endless options for styling a cashmere poncho. Thanks to its loose fit and versatility, what is worn under the poncho can vary based on the time of year. 

Spring: With fluctuating temperatures, a cashmere poncho is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. In the spring, you can wear a sweater or long dress under the poncho, giving you the flexibility to adjust your outfit according to the weather. 

Summer: While you wouldn’t think cashmere would be a summer garment, you can still add our cashmere poncho to your summer wardrobe. Many will wear a lightweight dress or shirt and add a cashmere wrap over their outfit in the evening or when they’re inside a cooler building. 

Fall: As temperatures begin to drop, a cashmere poncho can keep you warm without adding unnecessary layers. You can wear a cashmere over a tank top, sweater or collared shirt. We’ve even seen it paired effortlessly with a skirt and boots.  

Winter: As winter sets in, try wearing a turtleneck under the cashmere to keep you warm while offering some added coverage on your neck. For longer cashmere ponchos, pair it with a sweater, tights and knee-high boots for a cozy outfit. 


Where can I buy cashmere wraps for women?

Thanks to their comfort and versatility, many stores sell cashmere wraps. However, not all cashmere wraps are made the same. It’s important to understand the quality of the cashmere before investing in the item, as lower-quality items will have less warmth and durability to them. 

Our cashmere wraps and ponchos at Italeau are made from the finest Italian cashmere yarn, offering a high-quality and stylish luxury product. Italeau products are proudly manufactured in Italy, paying homage to the authentic craftsmanship passed down through generations of Italian artisans.


Why are Italian cashmere wraps a must-have item?

There are so many benefits to owning an Italian cashmere wrap. As you think about adding one to your wardrobe, consider why these items are a must-have. As an all-natural fiber, Italian cashmere wraps offer an air of sophistication and luxury to those who own it. While it does involve a higher price, they are expertly woven and a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing item that can be worn for decades. Italian cashmere provides incredible insulation and warmth to the wearer, making it 8 times more insulated than sheep’s wool. This is because of the extreme temperatures of the cashmere goat’s habitat, making it warm and comfortable. If you’re on the go or traveling a lot, an Italian cashmere poncho is the perfect item of clothing since it never wrinkles. With its wrinkle-resistant properties, you can easily store it in a suitcase or bag without worrying about needing an iron. An Italian cashmere wrap is perfect for humid or rainy climates since it naturally repels moisture. Since it repels water, it will keep you warm even in wetter weather without damage. Unlike sheep’s wool which has lanolin in it, cashmere has hypoallergenic properties, making it a great item for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 


How durable are cashmere ponchos?

Unlike other luxury items, cashmere ponchos and wraps are incredibly durable pieces of clothing despite their thin yarn. In fact, they are so durable that they’re fire-resistant! They have natural properties that will self-extinguish when caught on fire, ensuring the fabric doesn’t melt onto the wearer. Outside of its fire-resistant properties, the natural fiber can last up to 30 years with proper care. 


How do you wash cashmere wraps or ponchos?

To most efficiently extend the life of your cashmere wraps or ponchos, you should take great care in washing them. There are a few things to remember as you wash any cashmere clothing item. 

It’s important to minimize the number of times you wash a cashmere clothing item. If you wear your cashmere wrap without any spills or stains, you can easily get away with wearing it again without washing it. While it’s recommended to wash every 3-5 wears, you can extend this by adding base layers or airing it out after each use. 

When it does come time to wash your cashmere wrap, some labels may direct you to dry clean only. However, dry cleaning can actually break down the fibers of the cashmere quicker than hand cleaning. If there are special embellishments or beading on the item, it might be best to dry clean. Otherwise, handwashing is the best option. 

To hand wash your cashmere, soak the wrap or poncho for at least 20 minutes in cold water. You can add a small teaspoon of detergent and then gently squeeze the cashmere until clean. Once that’s complete, you should lay your poncho flat on a drying rack where it can air dry. Remember - any type of heat on the cashmere can shrink it and ruin the garment. 


How do you wear a wrap?

Wraps are a wonderful and easy way to add warmth and style to any outfit while still allowing for movement and breathability. Sweaters are great for many reasons but some people do not want to confine their arms or their torso with form-fitting layers. Instead, a wrap provides everything someone needs without constriction and with so many versatile ways to wear it!

One of the easiest and most classic ways to wear a cashmere wrap is to just let it hang around your neck without twisting or tying. It is important to make sure it hangs down evenly on both sides to complete the look of your outfit and add symmetry. Additionally, you can simply drape a wrap for an elegant touch to any outfit. Draping simply means layering the wrap over your outfit without tying it by wrapping it over the shoulders twice.

Additionally, you can wear a wrap over one shoulder for a classy look. To get the one-shoulder drape look, just put your cashmere wrap over one shoulder, so it covers half of your body. Then, put the other half of your cashmere wrap around your neck so that the end sits on your backside or side. You can also try the poncho style for added warmth by putting it over both arms, then tie it loosely in the front or back.

The options are endless when it comes to wearing a wrap. You can even use it like a blanket when sitting on a couch. Many women use wraps to cover their heads like a hood while still covering their top half. However, you wear your wrap, choose the highest quality fabric, such as cashmere, to add a timeless piece to your wardrobe for decades to come.


What is the difference between a shawl and a wrap?

Shawls are often shorter than a wrap, and shawls might be in a square, rectangular, or triangular shape. Wraps are rectangular and often much longer than a shawl. A shawl drapes over your shoulders, while a wrap offers the length for wrapping once or twice around your body.

Consider a shawl as an accessory, while a wrap serves more as an article of clothing or a blanket. A shawl will not cover your entire top half but a wrap will. A quality wardrobe will keep both items on hand and in multiple colors and styles to go with any outfit or weather conditions.


What are Italeau's cashmere wraps made of?

At Italeau, we pick and use only the finest cashmere from carefully vetted flocks. Our artisans have long-standing relationships with breeders in the Mongolian highlands, allowing us to carefully choose only the fibers capable of producing the highest quality cashmere. We produce our apparel on the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy. Before delivering brand-new cashmere robes to our customers, we do rigorous quality checks throughout the entire process. Every item of clothing undergoes multiple checks for flaws before going on the shelves.

While all the fur used to make cashmere comes from the mountains in Asia, the fur then goes to craftsmen or companies who will turn the fur into yarn before turning it into a cashmere wrap. It's a long process with a different origin than the place of assembly before leaving once again to go to your home.


When is the perfect time to wear a luxury cashmere wrap?

Any time of the year when you feel cold, wrap a luxurious cashmere wrap to keep you warm. A cashmere wrap acts as a blanket wide enough to wrap around you but short enough to prevent a tripping hazard like a blanket. This makes it the perfect thing to wrap up in when you have an early-morning Zoom meeting or at home on the couch.

A cashmere wrap makes any outfit look instantly put together. Pair it with cashmere which instantly looks chic for a timeless piece ready to add elegance with a simple sweep. If you want to go for a walk in the park on a Saturday afternoon, a cashmere wrap is a warm and stylish way to dress.

In the winter, it is not easy to get dressed to socialize outside. Putting on layers is the only way to look put-together when it is 40 degrees outside. The new going-out top is a blanket, and our cashmere wrap will keep you covered. With spring not too far away, the wrap will look great with the season's slinky slip dresses on special occasions, date nights, and any other night out.

However, cashmere wraps work in any climate as an extra layer to protect you from cold weather or a light breeze. You can even wear a wrap as your outer layer over a sweater and a blouse on days when a coat may offer the wrong level of warmth; a wrap can be worn in nearly every climate.

When it rains, you should avoid wearing cashmere wraps opting for a waterproof jacket or coat. Cashmere, a knit fabric, offers some protection from the wind, though not as much as a fully waterproof material like leather. A high-quality cashmere wrap makes for a versatile addition to any wardrobe, allowing you to layer up in style and warmth no matter the season. However, while this costly material may be resilient and able to withstand harsh weather, improper care could reduce its longevity.


Can you wear a luxury cashmere wrap with jeans?

Pairing your oversized luxury cashmere wrap with a long-sleeved turtleneck and jeans creates an instantly stylish. Honestly, a wrap works with any color or cut of jeans, from skinny jeans to wide legs. Cashmere makes any lower-quality material look better, but with a pair of jeans, the fabric shines.

Be sure to coordinate your colors well, such as light-wash jeans with a darker wrap. Wear light beige or cream with dark-wash jeans. Skinny jeans are the go-to for a cape, as it will balance out a look. The tightness of the jeans pairs will determine the looseness of the wrap. 


Can you dress up a cashmere wrap?

Cashmere is the premier dress-up fabric making it the perfect option for elegant outfits. Grab your wrap for a night on the town in a little black dress or to the opera in an evening gown. To keep the look light, choose a wrap in a coordinating color, so it does not steal the show of a fancy dress. If you want something that goes with everything, you cannot go wrong with a neutral wrap in beige, grey, or black.

For added elegance, place your cashmere wrap over your shoulders and wrap a thin belt around the outfit. This look can take you from the office and then out for dinner in the city. Any way you wear a cashmere wrap will add a touch of sophistication ready to draw all eyes to you.


What makes Italian cashmere wraps so elegant?

Cashmere takes warm wear and loungewear to new heights. The fabric does wonders on any style of clothing. For instance, a hoodie may seem like a laidback article of clothing, but when it's made out of cashmere, it goes from a teen style to an elegant addition to a woman's wardrobe. The same goes for a cashmere wrap.

A wrap made of 100% cashmere offers unparalleled softness, warmth, and elegance, making it an indispensable addition to your wardrobe. No other item will effortlessly improve your clothes like a cashmere stole. Instead of defined lines like a sweater, a wrap creates a sense of freedom, individuality, and grace, unlike any other form of cold-weather wear.


Are Italian cashmere wraps worth the investment?

Cashmere is the rarest and most valuable fiber in the world. Only 0.5% of the world's wool production comes from cashmere as it comes from the high plateaus where these goats live in the Himalayas, China, and Mongolia. It takes six months of a long winter when these goats get their undercoat.

There is a reason why a high-quality cashmere wrap costs several times more than many other materials (except maybe silk or wool). Quality, durability, luxury, softness, warmth, and comfort are what you get when you invest in cashmere. There are limits to how many benefits other fabrics can offer. Moreover, the fabric's remarkable attractiveness will brighten up your lazy days and boost your confidence.

A luxurious cashmere wrap allows you to take a blanket with you anywhere you go and still look fabulous. As an added bonus, cashmere lasts a lifetime, making the initial investment well worth the cost. Kashmir goat fur is thinner than and warmer than wool without the itching, more comfortable than cotton without the holes, and overall just the right fabric for any occasion.

Cashmere is known for being one of the softest and most luxurious fibers. It was once worn by kings. Like diamonds or gold, it is noble, rare, and valuable. Pure cashmere is very expensive because it has special qualities and is made in a complicated way. It takes the fur of three to four goats to make a single wrap and must be collected in the spring when the goats naturally shed their hair.

It is a very limited resource, and the world only makes a certain amount of it for everyone to share. Hard-to-find items with a long list of benefits, like cashmere, drive the cost up, as does the skill it takes to transform the fur into a wrap people will love.



Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


A combination of luxury materials and cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.


Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


Shop now and pay later. Also, enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.


We pair luxury materials with cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.

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