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Our Story

Italian Craft, Conscious Luxury


We believe in an intelligently designed, luxuriously handmade shoe. Our luxurious aesthetic stands apart from the crowd as we pay homage to an old world craft learned and passed down by the Italian artists of shoemaking. Soft, supple, waterproof leather and long-lasting structure promise a shoe of unwavering comfort.

We believe all shoes must serve basic functions to protect your feet - provide you with comfort and good posture and be durable. A shoe is a unique object: it supports and thus impacts our entire body, it is at ground level and thus must withstand the elements. A shoe that isn’t fully functional is not truly a shoe and is not truly luxurious.

We believe that as citizens of the world we have a duty to care for our fellow human beings. As such we chose to manufacture our product in Italy where craftsmen are fairly paid and protected. We also chose to provide clean water access to people in need. We embrace and support a cohesive world as our ethos, where we are mindful in our lives and our choices that impact the world in which we live.

And so we created ITALEAU.

We named ITALEAU after a play of words: ITALY + EAU. ITALY is the cradle of luxury shoemaking, artistry and craftsmanship, Italy is where it all began. EAU is water in French, we believe life begins with water - as such all our shoes are water-friendly and with every purchase ITALEAU provides clean water access to an individual in need in the developing world.

ITALEAU is a soulful, passionately designed and produced footwear with waterproof leather and construction, luxuriously handcrafted from the old-world heritage of artisan shoemakers bringing to you every-day luxury, thoughtful aesthetic that represents an ease of living - appreciation, consciousness, simplicity and taste.

With ITALEAU we want to bring you true luxury: a beautiful, luxurious shoe that is also fully functional and crafted consciously.

Philippe Colmant