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Where are you going to put your new shoes to the test?

Whether you like the beach in Hawaii, shows in Las Vegas, French Riviera in Cannes, the canals of Venice, or one of over a hundred other destinations worldwide, you can enjoy 3-7 nights luxury hotel accommodation for two with our complements.

Your Italeau shoes are your perfect travel companion – they are comfortable, waterproof, and stylish for every occasion and condition.


Two easy steps and off you go:

1. CLAIM AWARD VOUCHER: Within 30 days of your order ship date, email us at club@italeau.com to claim your Award. Your Award will be emailed once your order's return window has expired.

2. BOOK YOUR VACATION: Choose your destination and then book your accommodation after receiving your Award Voucher.



Free? Really? How?

Yes, free! We have partnered with high-end hotel operators. Our partnership gives our customers incredible awards in the form of complementary accommodations or cruises.


What about Covid?

Though the pandemic is not over, it is time to look to the future, plan some adventures! Your favorite places and people are waiting. This award offers travel close to home as well as far away. There is something for everyone at every comfort level.


Does this include airfare?

Our special award is the accommodation. Whatever destination you choose, you are responsible for getting there and home again, as well as any taxes, food, drinks, etc. Still, pretty awesome - and remember - not only do you get a little vacation, but you will be taking your fabulous, new Italeau shoes with you!


When do I get my voucher and when do I have to use it? 

Once you have placed your order with Italeau, you will receive your voucher via email after the 30 day return window has expired on your order. If you return all of your shoes in your order, you will not be eligible for the award.

Once you receive your voucher, you have 18 months to book your stay!


What are the US Destinations for my luxury hotel stay?

Destinations change based on availability and we're adding destinations on an ongoing basis. Typical destinations usually include but are not limited to: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Boston, Branson, Cape Cod, Charleston, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Daytona Beach, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, Gatlinburg, Grand Canyon National Park Area, Gulf Shores, Hawaii, Hot Springs, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Nashville. New Orleans, New York City, Ocean City, Orlando, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Virginia Beach, Yosemite.


Other questions?

Email us at club@italeau.com or give us a call 888-331-1399


Hundreds of destinations within the US and around the world

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu, New Zealand

Italeau, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions

Lodging only, Excluding taxes. Retail value up to $350/night.

After you have claimed your Award Voucher, the Award Voucher is sent to your email address once your order's 30 return window has expired.

Orders that are returned/cancelled in full for a refund are not eligible for an Award Voucher.

You may book your accommodation anytime from 1 to 18 months after receiving your Award Voucher.

Italeau, Inc. and their agencies, reserve the right to amend or cancel these promotions at their absolute discretion.

The offers are as described with no cash alternative. Offers are void if discontinued and where prohibited by law. The terms of this offer are subject to change without notice.

Italeau, Inc. reserves the right to substitute the offer with ones of similar nature and value. Cash value $0.01.

Each offer is subject to contracting directly with and agreeing to the provider’s terms and conditions, which will be available within your Award Voucher email. Italeau, Inc. accepts no liability beyond the supply of the Award Voucher.

You must activate your Voucher within 7 days of receiving it. Travel can be completed from 1 month to 18 months after activation. Voucher cannot be combined with any other hotel stay or promotional vacation offer. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with another similar or same promotional offer.

The room types available are for a maximum of 2 adults and at least 1 occupant must be over the age of 21. The Voucher is designed for couples or singles and up to 2 adults in one room, some properties however may allow for up to 2 additional children up to the age of 12 in the same room based on room type, and bed configurations.

Group travel is not allowed: only one Voucher per household and resort/hotel is allowed. The operator will only honor one incentive per family, friends, acquaintances or known groups traveling on the same, similar and/or adjoining arrival and departure dates. Otherwise, there are additional costs associated with group travel.

If you have been awarded more than one vacation voucher, you are only allowed to redeem 1 voucher every 12 months per household. The travel incentive destination can only be redeemed once per household lifetime.

The Voucher will be considered void if bartered, transferred, or purchased by the recipient.

The hotel room is free but you are responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, taxes and resort fees if applicable and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses.