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Women's Luxury Italian Loafers Sizes 11, 12, 13


With premium leather and an intelligent design, our Italian loafers are comfortable enough to wear everyday, but elevated enough to give your outfit an air of sophistication and style. However, picking the right size of loafers is crucial to ensure they fit appropriately and are comfortable to wear.


Extended Size Loafers Made in Italy


For women’s Italian leather shoes, most companies don’t offer extended sizes. But at Italeau, we want all women to enjoy the benefits of our Italian leather loafers. That’s why we offer extended sizing, for:


Women's size 10 loafers

Women's size 11 loafers

Women's size 12 loafers

Women's size 13 loafers


If you’ve never owned a pair of handmade Italian loafers, here are some questions we’re frequently asked.


How should women’s loafers fit?

Finding the right fit for loafers can be different than your usual shoe search. Thanks to the premium leather material and cushioned memory foam insole overtime our loafers will form to your feet. Here are some things you can do when you slip on new Italian loafers to determine if the fit is right.

Walk Around: One of the first things you should do when you receive your new pair of women’s shoes in extended sizes is to walk around. You want to ensure your heel stays firmly planted and doesn’t slip around or rub against the back of the shoe. It’s also important to walk across different surfaces like carpet or wood to get a feel for the different textures of flooring, as the fit can shift depending on the flooring material.

Finger Test: While your Italian loafer shouldn’t be loose, it should have some room between your heel and the shoe’s heel. Place an index finger in the back to check this. If the shoe is the correct size, it should fit snugly between the heel and the shoe without being too tight.

Tip of the shoe: If your foot is comfortably in the shoe, also check to see if you have about a finger’s width of space at the front of the shoe. As you walk, your toes will shift and wiggle, and not enough space at the front of the shoe can cause calluses.

For Italeau shoes, we recommended reviewing our sizing chart to see what might be the best option for your foot.  Our shoes tend to be snug, so make sure you take care when ordering the proper size for your shoe. If your foot is wide or you have a high instep, we recommend sizing up a half size.


What foot length is considered a women’s size 11?

For a U.S. women’s size 11, the sizing generally has a length of around 27 centimeters or 10.5 inches. While most companies try to adhere to this national standard, there are variations that can occur from brand to brand. The best way to ensure a loafer fits properly is to closely review the individual brand’s sizing chart and, of course, try it on. If you’re trying to fit in a size 11 because other sizes are simply not available - shop Italeau for Size 12 Women's Shoes and Size 13 Women's Shoes.


Does Italeau create women's size 12 loafers?

Yes! Italeau is proud to offer women’s shoes in extended sizes, including our best-selling loafers. Our loafers are available in size 12, size 13, and more. Want more? Shop all Italeau women’s shoes in extended sizes.

We believe everyone should get to enjoy the luxury of our Italian loafers — no matter the size.


What length of foot would equate to a women’s size 13?

Once you reach above size 11, the shoe size is considered extended sizing. For a women’s size 13 shoe, you can expect the foot length to be about 29.1 centimeters or around 11.5 inches. Since each shoe brand can vary slightly, it’s important to check the individual sizing guide on the store’s website to ensure you’re ordering the right size shoe for your foot.


How tight should women’s loafers be?

While your Italian leather loafers should be snug, they should still be comfortable. Most of our sizes are based on a medium-width foot and a medium inset. If you vary from the average, consider sizing up or down half a size to ensure the shoe fits comfortably.


How do women style loafers?

Loafers are a timeless piece to any shoe collection - as are all womens shoes handmade in Italy. Thanks to their versatility and comfort, there are countless ways to style women’s loafers. Some of our favorite ways include:

With skinny jeans - The best type of jeans to wear with loafers is a tight skinny jean that falls right at the top of the shoe. This offers a flattering visual line and won’t cut your ankle off, creating a shortening effect.

Loose fitting shorts or skirts - In warmer weather, pair a loafer with looser shorts or a flowy skirt for a more contemporary look.

Slacks - For a business professional look, pair loafers with your work slacks. You’ll elevate your look for a classic, timeless style.


Why are leather loafers a must-have for all women?

There’s a reason the classic look of leather loafers has been a popular shoe style for decades. Here are some reasons we think leather loafers are a must-have clothing item:

Unparalleled comfort: Few shoes are as elevated and comfortable as loafers. At Italeau, we insert a Flexlite sole that is flexible and feather-light, molding to your individual feet. This technology offers superior comfort for long wear.

Classic style: With their chic and timeless design, loafers are a wardrobe classic that isn’t going out of style any time soon.

Durable: Italian leather is extremely durable, making an Italian leather loafer a great investment for years to come.

Love our handmade Italian loafers? Check out our Italian leather flats too!


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Do leather loafers stretch out as they break in?

One of the benefits of leather is its ability to flex and stretch to your individual foot. While shoes might feel slightly stiff when they’re first purchased, they will mold and adjust as you wear them, allowing for a custom and unique fit. Loafers offer an open back which can make them a bit more comfortable to break in.


How long does it take to break in loafers?

Loafers can break in rather quickly, with some starting to shape within 3-5 days of wearing. There are a few suggestions to ensure the loafers break in correctly like:

Take it slow. Start by only wearing your loafers a few hours, and ramp up to longer periods of time once the shoe has started to adjust to your foot.

Warm the leather. One way to speed the process up is by warming the leather. You can do this by storing your shoes in a warm room or lightly blowing warm air from a hairdryer on it. Anything too hot can damage the material, so beware.

Use leather shoe trees. Using leather shoe trees can help the shoe take shape and keep the leather stretched out. You can also apply leather lotion when using the shoe trees to help stretch it out.


What makes leather and suede the perfect material for women’s loafers?

Loafers are seen as incredibly durable and comfortable shoes. This is thanks to the leather and suede used to handcraft the shoes, giving them a softness and long-lasting exterior. But remember, not all loafers are handcrafted - even if they’re from Italy. Hence why Italeau is an authentic brand that is in high demand for shoppers across the world.

Leather is a great fabric for women’s loafers because they are breathable, water resistant and offer protection from harsh elements. Thanks to their natural qualities, they’ll last longer than synthetic materials, giving you a comfortable shoe for years to come - guaranteed when you shop Italeau.


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How durable are leather loafers?

Leather has been used in shoemaking for centuries when humans discovered that this material can keep them protected from the elements and last for a long time. Today, they are a stylish investment into your wardrobe, with some pairs of leather loafers lasting decades. Even when the sole of a shoe has been worn down, the molding of the leather loafer can remain intact, allowing for just the sole to be easily replaced.

Our Italeau leather loafers are made of Italian leather, which is one of the most resistant and strongest types of leather available. Combined with our handcrafted techniques, our Italeau extended size women’s loafer shoes will be your go-to shoes for years to come.


How to care for & clean your leather or suede loafers:

While leather is extremely durable, it requires special care compared to any ordinary tennis shoe or flat. Knowing how to clean and care for your leather loafer will ensure you can enjoy them for years to come. Here is how we suggest you clean your women’s extended size loafer:

Wipe away loose dirt - Using a dry rag or soft brush, wipe away any loose dirt or debris on the shoe, including on the sole of the shoe.

Gently apply soap - You can mix warm water and some dish soap together in a bowl, allowing the soap to bubble and combine with the water fully. From there, dip a brush or rag into the water and wipe the exterior surface of the shoe to remove the grime and dirt.

Rinse - With another damp rag, remove any excess soap that is left on the shoe. We recommend a microfiber absorbent towel.

Use a leather conditioner - Adding a leather conditioner to your shoe routine will continue to protect the leather loafer and add shine. These are widely available for purchase. Apply to the shoe and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, then buff off with another soft cloth.

Dry - Once complete, leave your shoe to dry in the open air. We avoid placing them outside or by a heater which could crack or damage the leather.


Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


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A combination of luxury materials and cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.


Ethically made in small batches by artisans paid fair, living wages.


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We pair luxury materials with cutting edge technology to offer lasting comfort.


Authentic Italian craftmanship bringing you true quality, timeless essentials.